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The Virtual Studios

Powerful. Visual. Unique.

Gone are the days of flat, empty webinars. Whatever you need from custom-designed spaces to epic movie-style sets, build electric atmospheres centered around your content.

The Glassboard

Just imagine, all those thoughts. All those explanations. All those images you are trying to show people.

But how do you convey it to your audience? The Glassboard! It’s a simple concept that lets you express your story rather than just tell it.

Event Recording

Events are special. They add depth and honesty to delivery. Standing in front of a crowd of hundreds, surrounded by a stage imprinted with your brand, is powerful.

This Power needs planning, something that becomes intimidating if handled incorrectly, our highly trained and professional crew will come to your event and simplify the process, meaning you have to change nothing.

Remote Broadcasting

Remotely broadcasting isn’t a make-do it's an opportunity, an opportunity to go from a room full of people to internet users across the world. Unlock your audience by streaming to them while they are at home, on the go, or even on holiday.

Live From London

Disruptive Live is a specialised video production service and content distributor based in the UK but with worldwide reach. Come to one of our three Southbank Studios to film stunning videos or connect remotely using our software. Disruptive is the smarter way to design, film, produce and create eye-catching content.

From designing custom-built mixed reality sets to stunning glass boards and producing our own studio shows.