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Virginie Letessier SnapLogic Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Virginie Letessier SnapLogic Cloud Expo Europe 2020

GEMMA SMITH [00:00:10] Hello, my name’s Gemma Smith from Kaizo. Welcome back to the London Tech Show I’m joined this afternoon by Virginie Letessier, a main Marketing Director for SnapLogic. And we’re going to have a chat about marketing and communications within the technology industry. Thank you so much for joining us.

VIRGINIE LETESSIER [00:00:25] Hi Gemma.

GEMMA SMITH [00:00:26] So we’re here at the London Tech Show. And how important is events like this for marketing and communications? Kind of what’s the value to you in an event like this?

VIRGINIE LETESSIER [00:00:38] This type of event are really important for us. I think there’s different angles. Obviously, each meeting with our customer to deeper our relationship, it’s a known sales type of situation, So, we have deeper conversation around their challenges, around their technology that they are looking for. So it’s a good way to really deepen your relationship with your customer. In terms of partners obviously it’s where you can meet all your ecosystem of partners and try to find out a joint to go to market strategy. From your prospect side, it’s a really good way to build your brand awareness. They have probably heard about yourself. But then that puts a face on the brand that they’ve heard of. So it’s a good way to get demos and learn more about where you are, the technology, where you have been implemented, these technology ways. So definitely it’s it’s a good and important place to be. And for myself, it’s getting more trends and information about technology that are coming from the experts from the show floor, from networking with my peers. So yeah, really insightful for me.

GEMMA SMITH [00:01:56] Good. So you mentioned trends. Is there anything that you have seen as a industry trend at the event while you’ve been here that you thought was particularly interesting?

VIRGINIE LETESSIER [00:02:05] Definitely. So I think the customer experiences still really much in mind of everyone. Making the user experience the best as possible. And they’re technology that are helping for that, like enterprise automation, making sure that all the tasks are being automated in the manner combining ways A.I. and machine learning and making even more powerful and empowering your worker so that they are focussing on goal strategy call activities, then ongoing task is definitely something that we hear on this show at the moment.

GEMMA SMITH [00:02:44] Yeah that’s that’s really interesting. So as a result, do you think there’s been a change in how cloud is being communicated now, kind of in the reception that we’re seeing towards it? I mean, a few years ago we were seeing cloud. Oh, it’s this big, scary thing, big security problems. What’s what’s your perception of that now?

VIRGINIE LETESSIER [00:03:02] Oh, yes, definitely. So a decade ago, cloud was this new wording that everyone was using and bit scary for everyone. For government policy and all the security side effects. Nowadays is definitely much more used and and inevitable. Now it’s a matter of when and how. And depending obviously on the size of the company, depending on the infrastructure you have, there will be a part of cloud is or fully cloud focussed. So it’s just a matter of finding the feet for, it’s own feet for the companies. So there’s definitely multiple faces of it.

GEMMA SMITH [00:03:50] Yeah, completely. And kind of what do you think then maybe its next there’s is a lot of conversation around sort of multi-cloud, hybrid, on premise, cloud like everybody seems to be talking about every different type of cloud possible. And obviously when it comes to communicating that through to people it’s not always necessarily people are maybe a bit lost and confused kind of, what do you think is the next in that arena?

VIRGINIE LETESSIER [00:04:14] For cloud I think next is combining it’s amazing technology to other technology, such AI LAP machine learning and and combining all those strengths and powerful tools. We’ll make the business moving forward faster. Obviously, enterprise automation is making automated orders integration from data application and API management and so on. And combined with AI we’ll completely move the way workers are doing activities today, transferring their daily donkey and job and repetitive activity to a really more strategic system that will really empower the business to move forward.

GEMMA SMITH [00:05:08] Yeah. No, but I think that’s that’s really interesting. And as a result do you think there’s been a change in how we’re communicating with audiences now to kind of deal with this.

VIRGINIE LETESSIER [00:05:20] Yeah, I think definitely we try to talk more about the benefits of things, try to decomplexify IT. Talk about how it has been put in place and how it has been avoiding breaches or how does being saving resources and IT budget and how does help a company to grow faster and. And being implemented in an easy fashion differently.

GEMMA SMITH [00:05:56] Awesome. So as part of that, do you think there is or have you found that there’s new channels more effective than others or old channels that are still really useful? Kind of how are you seeing that kind of changing?

VIRGINIE LETESSIER [00:06:09] From my perspective there’s different type of people that we are talking with. They are really sealevel needed to sort leadership communication. Or really practicioners that still need deep technical data and information. There is a character, there’s people that loves visuals and some that likes reading 10 pages of white paper. There there’s definitely a trend to go a bit more digitals, but everyone needs a face to face time because you never gain on digital what you gain from face to face. So from my perspective, you still need a mix of all the marketing medium so being digital, being face to face being speed dating setting in its meetings or big trade show like Cloud Expo so that you could answer people needs. Visual, return, technical for early adopters or technology. So you need to answer everyone’s character’s, needs and trends in the market.

GEMMA SMITH [00:07:19] I think that that’s probably a really great place to end. Thank you so much for joining us.

VIRGINIE LETESSIER [00:07:23] Thank you very much Gemma.

GEMMA SMITH [00:07:24] And thank you to you watching at home for joining us. And we will catch you next time.