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The Drum Show – Christmas Special 2019

The Drum Show – Christmas Special 2019

SONOO SINGH [00:00:29] Hello and welcome to a very special edition of The Drum Show powered by Disruptive LIVE. Indeed, our last show of the decade. My name is Sonoo Singh, Associated Editor at The Drum. A heavy sense of doom is hanging, the prime is out of the fridge. The turkey is all about to die. But away from all this doom and gloom. Now, regular viewers will notice something a bit different in our setup. As this week, we’ve decided to bow out for the year with some fun. And so this week we have the Christmas quiz because who does not love a quiz? Well, I don’t. And we are not doing it for nothing. This episode has been created to raise some much-needed funds to help end homelessness in Britain. We are asking for donations to be made from our viewers to social bite on the website as we hope to help make a difference this Christmas. So please do give and let us help those in need. Now onto a willing contestant. And today are Karen Crum, Global Brand Strategy Director at McCann WorldGroup. Gareth Mercer CEO at Pablo. Nicky Bullard, Chair and CCO, MRM McCann. And our industry’s PR maestro, Jane Austin, Founder of Persuasion Communications. Who Have all been nodding admirably. Thank you very much. So on team one, which we’ve decided to call Rudolph, it is Nicky and Gareth. And on team two is Jane and Karen. Now, remember, this is competitive so we are going to be marking you. Now with three rounds of Christmas fun to get through, so let’s get started. And with me, I have my colleague, reporter Imogen Watson, helping me keep the score. Thank you. So onto the first round, which is the true or false round. So you do have buzzers. Should we all check our buzzers? Come on. Let’s make some noise. Right. Brilliant. So this is the fake news round. Now 2019 has been the year of fake news. So for our first round, we will be asking guests to read out the fake news from the real headlines. Now, this is simple. I’ll read out a headline related to the industry from the last decade and our teams will buzz to answer true or false? So have fuel buzzers ready. And if they’re correct, you get one point. If not, the opposing team snags the point. So let’s begin. Smell like money: MasterCard ads new sensory experience with the launch of the eau de toilette. True or false. You go first

KAREN CRUM [00:02:50] False.

GARETH MERCER [00:02:54] Does that mean. No I also think it is false?

SONOO SINGH [00:02:56] Do you think it’s false? Actually, the answer is I should know this by now because I have forgotten because I did write the story as well. The answer is false. Close, but no cigar because MasterCard has bizarrely who’s getting younger? Who’s getting the scoring to give the point? You were right, yes. MasterCard has, in fact, introduced a taste in the sound this year, which hasn’t gone so far as to launch a book. Clearly, none of us like quizzes do we. The brand does plan to drop an album in 2020 though. So who knows fragrance might be its next forte. OK. Number two now, I think we are getting the hang of this now, aren’t we. Second question is pornhub streaming master stroke a lifetime subscription service? True or false? I thought it was. You would be on pornhub site all day. I hope you get to break the tie.

JANE AUSTIN [00:04:03] That’s true.

SONOO SINGH [00:04:05] And you get the answer right. Because this was one of the biggest. So you are one to one. Yes. Thanks, Imogen. This was one of the biggest stories this year. And obviously, Jane knows this because she has been on pornhub all day. Ok. With the streaming war heating up between Disney and Apple, PornHub unveiled its only membership model, lifetime subscription. And if you’re interested in getting someone a special Christmas present to remember this year, you can read more about it on the drum site. All right.

GARETH MERCER [00:04:39]  that was one of the biggest stories this year. Just looked at you and paused.

SONOO SINGH [00:04:48] Headline number three, Captain Birdseye unveils ahoy. I haven’t even read the question. I mean, let me read it and then I’ll come to you Nicky. A fish finger fragrance that will linger. True or false? Yes, go on.

NICKY BULLARD [00:05:04]

SONOO SINGH [00:05:10] Well, it is actually true.

GARETH MERCER [00:05:14] It says up there answer on screen, true.

SONOO SINGH [00:05:19] You said false.

SONOO SINGH [00:05:22] No, no. I said true.No one gets an answer. Is it true? You didn’t say I did it. I said you should whisper my guess. Let’s give them half a point, shall we? Yeah, I’m just feeling generous. If something smells fishy, it’s not this story. Only after been giving and Makeover in 2018, Captain Birdseye introduced his own fragrance in 2019. This was obviously the dishy one. Does anyone remember Captain Birdseye?

JANE AUSTIN [00:05:54] I actually did Captain birdseye Campaign. Years ago the new Captain Birdseye.

SONOO SINGH [00:05:59] Did you do the new one or the one with the Santa? No. The hot one.

JANE AUSTIN [00:06:02] The hot one. Yeah he was quite hot actually. Yeah. He was.

NICKY BULLARD [00:06:08]  Can I get points for that, please.

SONOO SINGH [00:06:12] Yeah. Let’s give them half a point.

KAREN CRUM [00:06:23] I’m really lost.

SONOO SINGH [00:06:27] So I think,  two points. How come? half and half makes one. What? That’s why you’re there. Thanks. Okay. Now we’re told the limited edition signature scent is reminiscent of a fresh ocean breeze bursting with top notes of Zingy Grapefruit. Did you write that? Okay. There are some extra bottles lying around. If anyone would like to spritz. The next one, this is really good. WPP to merge Grey and Mindshare to make Ryan share. Gone.

NICKY BULLARD [00:06:58] No.

SONOO SINGH [00:07:04] Your obviously Not sure are you.

SONOO SINGH [00:07:08] Yeah. We might take half a point for hesitations.

NICKY BULLARD [00:07:10] No there was no hesitation whatsoever.

SONOO SINGH [00:07:11] Okay. You just seem surprised at the answer. Well, obviously the answer is correct. Yes. As Tribe read this as a name is, this is fake news. While it is a full on point. Yes, it is. Yes. Why will witnessed many mergers and acquisitions this year, including Accenture taking Dragonfly, this one wasn’t among them. Who knows what’s in store in the next 12 months, though, because we’ve also had that brave maker could be on the cards next. Yehey! And I think it’s the last one. Sorry. How many? What is the question? No. Okay. Listen to the question now. Okay, next question. 88% of conservative ads on Facebook are misleading. True or false? True. You do know that as a team you can. Not true.

GARETH MERCER [00:08:20] That’s what we were saying. We said it’s not true.

SONOO SINGH [00:08:24] You didn’t try to stop those tweets. That’s not true, because this is a trick question.

JANE AUSTIN [00:08:30] Yes, because it was actually 98%.

SONOO SINGH [00:08:41] So I’m going to tell you why this is a trick question, because analysis earlier this month from first draft found that 88% of ads posted recently by the Tories contain content that has already been deemed misleading by full facts. A politician not telling the truth. Who would have thought it they?

GARETH MERCER [00:08:56] So do we get a full point man?

SONOO SINGH [00:08:57] No. You get half a point. Go on. Give them a half of point. You know, as long as you know, you are adding and subtracting whatever is fair. So that’s that’s you’re.

NICKY BULLARD [00:09:13] I’m tired.

SONOO SINGH [00:09:14] That was only around one time before. Next round people. But before that, let’s check in on the scores, Imogen.

IMOGEN WATSON [00:09:26] So we’ve got two full points for Team Rudolph. Well done. And we got three for you guys.

SONOO SINGH [00:09:36]  So it’s. It’s Team Frosty, that’s winning. So round two. Who am I? Okay. Listen up, folks. Now it’s time for a much less spin on that old Christmas favourite played by board their families through the ages, why board? I like to play that. Yes, it is. Who am I? Each guess has an envelope containing a post it note with the famous ad industry name. Don’t open it yet. Or mascot on it. What we would like you to do is remove this when I tell you to do so, and without looking at it what it says. Stick it on your forehead and your team-mate will have 30 seconds to give you clues about who you are. And we have one of our lovely elves timing you here in the studio. Can’t see one but I think I have… if you few guess within the time slot. Nice 30 seconds on me so you can keep on shouting out. Yeah. You do know how to play the game. Okay. If you guess within the time slot you get one point. If you fail to get the point goes to the opposing team when they get the question right. So got it. Everyone, not everyone, one by one who would like to go for change. She would go with you. Pull up your post and stick it on your noggin. Okay and there you go. Can you show to the camera first? Oh, don’t look, shut your eyes, there. Yes, she’s shutting her eyes.  You can open your eyes. Come on.

NICKY BULLARD [00:11:08] I’ll hold onto my forehand.

SONOO SINGH [00:11:09] Right. Right. Watch out.

SONOO SINGH [00:11:13]  You’re 30 seconds starts now.

KAREN CRUM [00:11:17] Aviation engine, kind of help to dry by making her life look better, but.

NICKY BULLARD [00:11:23] Peleton?

SONOO SINGH [00:11:23] Oh, brilliant.

NICKY BULLARD [00:11:25] So Peloton Cycle.

KAREN CRUM [00:11:27] The person in Peloton that drink the gin.

NICKY BULLARD [00:11:30] Oh, God.

KAREN CRUM [00:11:31] I mean, it’s literally…

NICKY BULLARD [00:11:32] Peleton woman?

KAREN CRUM [00:11:33] Oh, yes. Because she is a woman.

NICKY BULLARD [00:11:34] Peleton girl?

SONOO SINGH [00:11:36] Yes. Have we got into time?

IMOGEN WATSON [00:11:38] 19 seconds.

SONOO SINGH [00:11:39] Oh, well. Karen, let’s go with you.

KAREN CRUM [00:11:42] So I’m not allowed to look?

SONOO SINGH [00:11:43] Clearly.

KAREN CRUM [00:11:43] I just wanna make sure I… I’m taking it really seriously.

NICKY BULLARD [00:11:50] Yeah you know what? Well you are supposed to.

SONOO SINGH [00:11:55] Can you look around so that they can get the.

NICKY BULLARD [00:11:59] Shortest night.

KAREN CRUM [00:12:00] Martin Sorrell

SONOO SINGH [00:12:01] Oh.

IMOGEN WATSON [00:12:02] That was two sentence.

SONOO SINGH [00:12:03] What did you just say? I thought we might get the word slappy as well because that was brilliant. Can we give them half a point more because that was the quickest time. I know you guys haven’t done it, but I will… Nicky, would you like to go first?

NICKY BULLARD [00:12:29] Yes.

SONOO SINGH [00:12:46]  So can we have a look as well? And can they have a look? Yeah. Yeah.

GARETH MERCER [00:12:50] Cool. Ready?

SONOO SINGH [00:12:51] Yeah, ready.

GARETH MERCER [00:12:51] Founder Facebook.

JANE AUSTIN [00:12:56] Mark Zuckerberg?

SONOO SINGH [00:12:56] No. that was cheating. You should use a slightly more…

JANE AUSTIN [00:13:02] We did it in one second. Which means we get an extra points

SONOO SINGH [00:13:05] Yes. Should be great. Great top beans. Man, we hate.

JANE AUSTIN [00:13:12] But we did it quick.

SONOO SINGH [00:13:14] All right. Let’s give the point.

JANE AUSTIN [00:13:15] And half, the one point, we did it one second we beat them.

SONOO SINGH [00:13:26] Well no, we’re giving them a one point.

JANE AUSTIN [00:13:26] I did the ads.

GARETH MERCER [00:13:26] Captain Birdseye?

SONOO SINGH [00:13:36] We were talking about this, fair rules so let’s… Can we give them an extra point? Because actually that was genius. Well, yes. Wasn’t that fun? So let’s take a look at the scores and see how we’re doing. In fact, if we still got some bubbly left, you can top up while Imogen tells us what the score is, so frosty?

SONOO SINGH [00:13:56]  So Team Rudolph was just slightly ahead in that round, just by half a point. So it’s all in to win right now.

SONOO SINGH [00:14:05] And now breathe, are you breathing? Yes. You’re not tyred anymore. You want to do more, isn’t it? So this is as of the decade. So this is the last round. And we’ll be testing your knowledge and some of the most memorable ads from the decade gone by. As we enter the roaring 20s. So this round is multiple choice. So this is even easier than before our standard. The first team to buzz in with the correct answer, we’ll get one point. And if they fail to get it right after buzzing, we will let the other team have a shot. So on to question number one. In 2018, widen candies, nothing beats a Londoner for Nike launched to a swell of praise. But why didn’t Nike eventually pull the ads from YouTube? A. It did not seek copyright permission for the song in the ad. B. Other businesses took issue with Nike. I let you go first. Nike with LNDR as an abbreviation for Londoner and C. Meant unions and Glaswegians felt underrepresented.

JANE AUSTIN [00:15:01] The answer is 100% B.

SONOO SINGH [00:15:03] Well done, what were you going to say? You were good. Well, well done. That was, that was brilliantly done. Okay. Now, second, this ad got pulled over legal concerns about the use of the LD, an abbreviation for a number of sources, including active brand LNDS. So that’s one point. To what do you guys call? Rudolph? Yes, thank you. So next question. From excitable and go to “born” to the penguin John Lewis’s Christmas ads have been a staple in the adland Christmas calendar this decade. They’re, of course, famous for their plinking plunkett piano covers. But which song did Lily Allen cover for the 2013 animated Bear and Hair and Real Love by John Lennon? Golden Slumbers. Who was, who went first? Golden Slumbers by the Beatles and Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. I have a feeling we all know this one. Do we all want to shout together? Oh, shall we sing it? Come on. Yes, I think they should both get a point, especially for singing. Well, did you know that Allen’s cover is Somewhere Only We Know reach number one in the U.K.’s singles chart in the same year. So I am giving points to both the teams and especially for your singing. That was delightful. Thank you. Very well done. You could have shouted over her singing. You could have done. Next one. In 2009, Old Spice launches take a tongue in cheek, the man your man could smell like. Is that what it was called? Yes. Featuring a “talk clad clap” man on a boat. How much of a sales increase did the ad drive for? For the vintage aftershave brands in the first three months. 66%, 55%, 107%

JANE AUSTIN [00:17:08] A.

SONOO SINGH [00:17:10] Next team?

KAREN CRUM [00:17:11] C.

SONOO SINGH [00:17:11] Ohh, but you’re wrong it’s B. Featuring to Isaiah Mustafa this spot reinvigorated the brand long associated with dads and teachers and prompted a sales increase of 55% in the first three months alone. So no one gets the point. On to Question 4. In 2012, Red Bull launched Felix Baumgartner from the edge of space back down to earth in the branded parachute jump, breaking two world records and the sound barrier in the process. So what speed was the freefall traveling at? Wow. 1357 km per hour. 357 km per hour. 7531 km per hour.

GARETH MERCER [00:18:09] Yeah, let’s go. B, should we be? B.

SONOO SINGH [00:18:13] Is there a reason why you chose B?

GARETH MERCER [00:18:14] It’s right in the middle. And we don’t know.

SONOO SINGH [00:18:19] What you think? We don’t know is not the option, A or B.

KAREN CRUM [00:18:29] A?

SONOO SINGH [00:18:30] A is the correct answer actually.

JANE AUSTIN [00:18:33] We don’t know anything about speed.

SONOO SINGH [00:18:35] But clearly, if news is anything to go by, then maths is a strong point of this Adler land of people. Well, sort of. The answer is A, so well done. A Red Bull prop pulled a man. Outer space at 1357 km per hour, which incidentally is the exact speed most creative directions. Leave the desk on a Friday. I thought you do one better on Fridays. We got time for one last question now. She was a darling of cans 2017 taking home four Grand Prix. But why was SSG’s fearless girl statue moved from a spot staring down Wall Street’s charging bull in New York. Just 18 months later? A. The creative directors had a spat over her placement. Is that something that happens? Complaints are made that she had distracted from the bull and C. She attracted too much attention and blocked the road. You can… All good.

KAREN CRUM [00:19:58] We think it’s C.

SONOO SINGH [00:19:59] What are you going for?

SONOO SINGH [00:20:03] We were thinking it might C as well. Okay, you are both correct because the Bronze Girl plays by McCann. New York was moved to a new home outside the New York Stock Exchange in November 2018 to prevent tourists from spilling out onto the road and disrupting the traffic on Broadway.

GARETH MERCER [00:20:21] Imagine if we can get that right.

SONOO SINGH [00:20:30] And now let’s check the final scores.

IMOGEN WATSON [00:20:37] It’s very tight.

SONOO SINGH [00:20:42] So that means the winners on the first-ever Drum’s Show Christmas Quiz are Frosty. Well done team! And it’s the Team Rudolph who get to take me out to Christmas lunch. And we’ll make sure you all have a yearlong subscription to a wonderful magazine, too. Congratulations. I don’t know what my subscription department will say about that, but remember, we are doing this to raise funds for the homeless. So please take a minute and be generous and donate to Social Bite to offer support to those in need without homes. And folks, that’s all for this week, and for this decade from all the team and my contestants as well at The Drum, we like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2020. Bye-bye.