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Scott Millmaker DTX 2019 Interview

Scott Millmaker DTX 2019 Interview

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:13] Hello and welcome back to day one of the Digital Transformation Expo. You’re with me, Natalie Turner from Disruptive Live and today, I’m joined by the lovely Scott Millmaker. He is the Director of Sales for Rahi Systems. How are you today?


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:00:27] Hi very well. Nice to meet you.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:28] Nice to meet you too. How are you feeling?


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:00:30] I feel great, having a really busy day. Yeah, I mean, you know, fantastic event. It’s all really going off here today. We’re getting some really good traction on the technology that we’re showing at the stand and we’re meeting some really nice people.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:41] Fantastic, is this your first time at DTX or have you been a few times?


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:00:43] This is the first time at DTX. We’ve been doing a whole variety of different shows since we started in the U.K. 18 months ago. But things are really taking off and got some really smart technology partners that we’re working with.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:55] Fantastic, okay well let’s start with Rahi Systems. Tell us a little bit about that and your role within the company.


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:01:01] Yeah, so Rahi Systems we’re a global systems integrator HQ’d out of Fremont in the Silicon Valley, originally we were a data centre solutions company. So what we do is we work with our clients to help them build scalable, secure data centre solutions. So that can just start off simply by finding a bit of code locations space first of all. Once the client has found the code location space and we’ve assisted with that, then we’ll work with them to build out that white space and the technology stack. So in that in that in that white space environment, we actually have our own brand a company called Enconnex of physical infrastructure solutions, massive economies of scales there it’s cutting edge enterprise type solutions. Once the once the white space in the physical housing is being built out then we bring in the technology partners to put the technology stack in. So that’ll be your compute your storage your network type solutions. So that’s the data centre space. And then we also have workplace productivity and collaboration also. So in the workplace productivity and collaboration it’s all about that digital transformation inside the workplace. You’re talking smart AV type solutions, digital signage, all those kind of smart tools that really bring together the workplace and the tools that make it simply easy for people to work in that environment. Then we also have a a a software defined networking offering that would glue those two environments together. So so Rahi Systems, I mean we’re twenty six entities across the globe now. So the company is six years old, co-founded by two guys, totally bootstrapped business, very passionate, you know, come from an engineering type background. And, you know, they built this up, you know, 26 entities coverage from West Coast, US right the way through to East Coast Australia. It is all backed up by, you know, warehouse logistics and distribution offering. So we have strategically placed our logistics and distribution hubs that really help our customers with deploying their projects. So, you know, we have the capabilities to do pre-staging, consolidating of equipment and we could manage the full importer of records. So, you know, some of our clients, they don’t have entities in some locations where they’re delivering projects. And we could just take that pain away from them, you know, just help them, you know, deliver a simple, you know, easy way just so they can focus on what is they do best really.


NATALIE TURNER [00:03:30] Fantastic. Well that’s a lot of information, right there. But what is your key message that you’re hoping to get out to the audience today? You know what you’re trying to take away from DTX this year.


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:03:40] So what what we really want to do is we want to showcase the next generation technology to show people where they can go. You know, and really help them develop their IT strategies, using new technologies and moving away from things that just got used to. Right. You know, so we with us being based in the Silicon Valley, we’re very on the ground with the latest technology. So we like to bring these technologies to our customers and talk to them about how they can use it. A lot of times they’re not simple out of the box solutions. It requires a little bit of work customizing and thought about how to really deliver it effectively. So it’s really about educating people and learning, you know, teaching people what is coming up and how we can really help them.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:18] Of course. So all this talk about DTX.


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:04:21] Yeah.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:21] What does digital transformation mean to you?


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:04:23] Well, it is just, you know, the digital transformation that’s going on in the world right now. I mean, it’s a continuously moving, evolving piece, isn’t it? And it’s you know, it’s it’s using the technology that we have to make things better for us all to streamline, automate, reduce the risk, make things more secure.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:41] Is there any challenges that you’re facing? I mean all these businesses have seen something different.


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:04:46] Well, that’s right. You know, so I mean, you know, I mean, it’s very crowded, right? You know, and they must be very difficult for a buyer now to know where they want to go. Right. You know, you come to an event like this and, you know, there are just so many different players. So it’s like, how do you choose? So what they need to do is find a trusted partner. You know, people that have that experience and knowledge and here at Rahi Systems is we are very much built off that. You know, most people in the organization have worked in the IT game for, you know, over the last 20 years. We’ve got years of experience and knowledge. We’ve pretty much been on the other side of the table, you know. So I myself have been a data centre manager in the past. So I understand exactly all the problems and pains that people have. So I can take that knowledge and transfer it to the customers, which, you know, delivers end value and its arms them with the information so they can actually have a good conversation with their senior leadership teams and help them, you know, make the right choices.


NATALIE TURNER [00:05:37] I mean, you’ve touched on it briefly, but what can Rahi Systems do for the audience and for their customers that perhaps another business can’t do. Like, what’s the competitive edge? What’s the USP?


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:05:46] Well, it’s about developing global standards with our global reach. You know, we can help you, you know, with with with scaling up your business as as what we’ve seen is the types of businesses that we work with are large global enterprises. You know, this has come from, you know, in most cases acquisitions where they’ve got different IT teams, you know, working in silos and doing their own things. And what companies are now trying to do is standardize so we can totally help them standardize on their IT strategy. So, you know, if you’re doing a deployment in the US, we can replicate that and deploy, you know, in Europe and in Apak. And we have the professional services and managed services wraparound to really, you know, put it all together. So pretty much what you’re getting is is a one stop shop, total turnkey solution from the ground up.


NATALIE TURNER [00:06:32] Fantastic. So what’s the future looking like for Rahi Systems?


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:06:36] Future it’s it’s crazy, you know. I mean, Rahi Systems, really fast growing businesses as I said 6 years old, 50 percent growth year on year. You know, we’ve got are own physical infrastructure like we’ve made acquisitions. You know, it’s a continuously evolving, growing machine. So, you know, in some ways it could be maybe a little bit frightening. But, you know, it’s great fun. You know, it’s it’s exciting. It’s fun. And we are all very agile and, you know, making the most of it. So, you know, generally, you know, we will operate, you know, very collaboratively and help each other out. Obviously, there is challenges with fast growing businesses. But, you know, it’s all part of the fun and the nature of the beast, really.


NATALIE TURNER [00:07:12] Fantastic. All right, well look thank you so much. Our time is actually up. It flew by didn’t it?


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:07:16] Yeah it certainly did, lovely. Thank you.


NATALIE TURNER [00:07:17] It’s lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for joining us on Disruptive Live.


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:07:20] Thank you very much.


NATALIE TURNER [00:07:21] It was lovely to have you.


SCOTT MILLMAKER [00:07:23] Cheers.


NATALIE TURNER [00:07:23] So that is all from us for now. However, you can get involved in the discussions on LinkedIn and Twitter if you follow Disruptive Live live or hashtag DTX Europe. Don’t go away. We’ll be back after a short break. See you in a bit.