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Nehal Thakore oneclick Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Nehal Thakore oneclick Cloud Expo Europe 2020

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:12] Welcome back to the London Tech show 2020, held right here at Excel London by CloserStill Media. I’m Nayoka Oware hosting for Disruptive Live and I’m joined by Nehal Thakore, who is the Chief Business Development Officer for oneclick AG. Nehal how are you?

NEHAL THAKORE [00:00:28] I’m good. How are you?

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:29] I’m doing very well, thank you. Are you enjoying the event so far?

NEHAL THAKORE [00:00:32] Yeah, absolutely. It offers us a lot of insight in what’s going on and also always with the sales hat on, I’m trying to find partners and collaborators who can help us in our journey.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:46] Thank you for that. Tell us about your job role and what that entails.

NEHAL THAKORE [00:00:49] So I’m a chief business development officer for oneclick AG, mostly trying to plant seeds for our for our company so that it grows successfully beyond Dach region. German-speaking region. So I’m mostly looking after the international market. That means UK, US, Canada, Australia, Japan. And that’s that’s my chief role.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:01:17] Who are oneclick AG?

NEHAL THAKORE [00:01:19] So oneclick AG is a scale-up. We are a European company. So actually headquarters in Zurich. And most all of our DevOps is outside Munich in a beautiful town called Brene. What we do is very unique. So we provide a platform to consume and provide everything as a service. And this means that, you know, your infrastructure, you like IS, PaaS and SaaS can all be centralised behind one web portal. And this is unique. There is no one else able to do this. We are completely operating system agnostic. So whether it’s Windows Unix or whether it’s a Mac OS, anyone can connect to oneclick and make it make all the applications available to a single web portal.

NEHAL THAKORE [00:02:12] How can we enable working from home very quickly for enterprises?

NEHAL THAKORE [00:02:18] Yeah. So this is quite topical at the moment. This was always our sweet spot. So our solution is such that you can connect your existing environment forward for the enterprise itself, whether that is on prem, whether it’s in the cloud, whether it’s a VAP frontend applications that can all be combined together. And it doesn’t take a genius. It’s not, it’s very resource friendly and yeah, make it available and straightaway. Once you are connected with oneclick, you just associate users to use it. And within within hours an entire enterprise can be connected to work from home. There is nothing to install anywhere, and that makes it very, very easy to manage. And anyone with any device with a browser enabled device can log in from just a 3G bandwidth. Oneclick is completely scalable. It’s completely flexible. And that is that is very easy management through web portal. So that’s that’s how easy it is.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:03:26] Thank you for that. For independent software vendors, how can we make or how can you rather make their legacy applications available?

NEHAL THAKORE [00:03:35] So legacy applications has always been a big pain point for independent software vendors. They have over the years, they have spent multi-millions trying to develop these these applications, which are normally posted either on prem in servers or on on data centres. And the biggest problem with them is they want to make it available as a cloud service, but they don’t want to they’re not probably it’s not on the roadmap to actually develop a new new client for web frontend. And it often takes a lot of effort and resources in order to make it into a cloud service. What we can enable them to do is to just connect with oneclick and instantly either they can connect their existing environment, either their environment or their client’s environment. And once they’re connected to oneclick, it’s very easy to make it available as accessible from the cloud just behind a web portal. Or they can just say, OK, we don’t want to host this. Can you provide the hosting too, so we can give them a complete turnkey solution so that their clients can access oneclick, access their application like ERP or a CRM application straight from the cloud. Any device from anywhere.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:04:58] Thank you so much for your time Nehal, it’s been great speaking to you.

NEHAL THAKORE [00:05:01] It’s a pleasure.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:05:02] Thank you for watching. Don’t forget that you can join the conversation by using the hashtag Disruptive Live and hashtag CEE 2020. We will be back shortly.

NEHAL THAKORE [00:05:10] Thank you.