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Martin Hodgson DTX 2019 Interview

Martin Hodgson DTX 2019 Interview

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:03] Hello and welcome back to day one of the Digital Transformation Expo here, you’re with me Natalie Turner from Disruptive Live. And today, I am joined by the lovely Martin Hodgson. How are you?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:00:14] Afternoon. I’m very well, thank you. How are you?


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:15] I’m really well. Thank you for asking. So you’re the country manager of UK and Ireland for Paessler. Could you tell us a little bit about Paessler and your role within the company?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:00:26] Yeah, we all the monitoring company, our lead product is prgt network monitor. Our focus is on helping IT admins have deliver great performance and availability using our monitoring product.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:38] Fantastic, and you’re monitoring product. Is that the prtg? Could you explain to the audience what prtg is?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:00:46] Sure. So I know you want to know. So prtg stands for Paessler Router Traffic Grapher. We are a German company and the Paessler is our founding fathers surname. So prtg is a monitoring product. Used by IT professionals to ensure they have on time, performance and availability from all their IT assets, servers, storage network, everything.


NATALIE TURNER [00:01:12] Right. So how does that make life easier for them? In regards to network admins.


MARTIN HODGSON [00:01:16] Sure. So it helps them know when there’s been a problem. Instead of them having to check if things are working well, they can assume that everything is working well unless they’re told otherwise. We’ll tell them by maybe some as simple as an email or a text. Whatever works for them. So they’ve got notifications of a problem. They can start looking at it. But also the product allows them to get very deep into where that problem might come from at the same time.


NATALIE TURNER [00:01:41] So what sort of organisations use this? I mean, could anybody use this? Was it targeted for a certain type of business? What’s the typical type of person?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:01:49] We are very, very broad. We find that, you know, for all the types of organisations for whom IT is important, we have a free use licence that we see meets the needs of many of our SME’s. And then we go all the way up to the very large government institutions and bluechip companies from one extreme to the other. They all have IT. They all need monitoring.


NATALIE TURNER [00:02:17] So in regards to DTX, is this your first year here?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:02:22] This is my third year here. But I think as a business, we’ve been here probably four or five years.


NATALIE TURNER [00:02:28] Right. Okay. So what is it you’re hoping to achieve from DTX today? What’s the message you want to get out to people?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:02:34] So we have a range of people who come and visit us and come to my presentation earlier. Some of those are existing customers who want to know what’s new. And that’s great. It’s a great mechanism for giving up. But we also have lots of people for whom they’re considering adding monitoring to their portfolio. They want to see it. It is a technology thats very visual. And so we can show them on our stance on a wide range of different expectations.


NATALIE TURNER [00:03:02] So what does digital transformation mean to you?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:03:06] Well, theres the million dollar question most about so many answers to that.


NATALIE TURNER [00:03:09] I have yes, so will be interesting to hear what you’ve got to say to me.


MARTIN HODGSON [00:03:13] To me its very broad. It’s IT making the biggest difference and come to your business in whatever means that’s right for you. So that’s on premise. Whether that’s cloud whether it’s virtualisation. And we’re in quite a comfortable space and that we can cover all those bases in respect of how you are going to be a digital transformation.


NATALIE TURNER [00:03:34] Fantastic. So with Paessler what makes you different to your competitors? What’s the USP?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:03:42] So that one of the one of the interesting things about our product is there is just one version of it. It’s one variant of it. So where normally people might have to think, oh, I need that feature, so I need to buy that version. prtg comes in with one version. You just decide how much or how little you want of it and everything is included. So and that’s nice, we see a lot of people come to our stand who don’t understand how we can do it so soon. So we must be doing something right.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:12] Oh, of course, definitely. So what’s the future looking like for Paessler?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:04:16] So my presentation today was about different generations of monitoring going back in time. We did a piece of work with the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, where we go from one extreme to the other. We actually monitor the oldest working computer in the world, and that’s from the 1950s. And we monitor it using IoT technologies from our partners Sigfox. So, yes, what we’re seeing is a lot of people now need to add IoT monitoring into their traditional IT monitoring space. So that’s a growth area for us. We’re also seeing CCGB now considered to be a mighty workload. And we can do some very interesting things with that versus a traditional approach to monitoring.


NATALIE TURNER [00:05:07] So your presentation. How was that?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:05:10] Oh, I really enjoyed it. The idea of Bletchley Park at the National Museum? You know, we’ve got this technology for many, many years ago. We met their needs. We also did a piece of work enabling the autism and in museums piece. So that was very rewarding and our team really enjoyed working on that project.


NATALIE TURNER [00:05:34] That wasn’t today though was it?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:05:36] We delivered some elements of that case study today.


NATALIE TURNER [00:05:40] I mean, as you’ve had your speech, so you don’t have to tell us any secrets. Can we hear a little bit about what you spoke about and what the messages we wanted to go out to the audience?


MARTIN HODGSON [00:05:49] Yes, it was that, you know, irrespective of which generation and monitoring you’re looking at from the oldest to the newest, we have a solution. Right. So whether your, you know, all of your stuff is on premise and whether it’s cloud based, hosted IoT, prtg can do it all in a very easy and accessible way.


NATALIE TURNER [00:06:08] Fantastic. Wow, short and sweet. Loved it, but that is all the time we have for now. Thank you so much for joining us on Disruptive. It’s been lovely talking to you.


MARTIN HODGSON [00:06:18] Thanks for your time.


NATALIE TURNER [00:06:18] So that is all from us for now, as I’ve said. However, you can join us on the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter if you follow us on Disruptive Live and hashtag DTX Europe. Don’t go away. We’ll be back after a short break. See you in 3.