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Lionel Scurville Technology for Marketing

Lionel Scurville Technology for Marketing

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:13] Hello and welcome back to Technology for Marketing day two. You’re with me, Natalie Turner from Disruptive Live and today, I am joined by Lionel Scurville, who is the stand next to us actually, he is the Sales Director at Glisser, not Glitter. Glisser, made that mistake earlier.

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:00:30] Yes. So you’re right seems more glamorous glitter.

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:33] Yeah, it’s very pretty. But, Lionel, could you tell me a little bit about what you do and you know why you’re here today?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:00:39] Right. So, Glisser, we’re a SaaS solution. So we’re a piece of software that’s an audience engagement platform. So we allow for presenters, speakers, panels to directly connect with their delegates via their mobile device. So we’re a mobile application, as I said, and its it’s a way of really immersing the delegate into the presentation, allow them to really feel they’re taking part and for the presenter to collect some really good data, some feedback and insight data from the day.

NATALIE TURNER [00:01:13] Fantastic, so how long have you been doing this for like how long has Glisser been around for?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:01:16] So Glisser, we’ve been roughly around between five or six years, yes.

NATALIE TURNER [00:01:21] Have you been coming to Ad-Tech for the last five or six years.

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:01:23] No, I think this is the first time that we’ve actually attended. But we do a lot of shows. We you know we’re we’re our technology is being used now in a much more wider scope and wider scale than it was before, so, yeah.

NATALIE TURNER [00:01:37] OK. So could you tell us a little bit more about your role and what you do?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:01:42] So I’m one of the sales directors, so my job is there to basically see if we can try and widen are use amongst corporate clients. But we’re actually making a major push into the education sector as well.

NATALIE TURNER [00:01:56] Oh fantastic.

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:01:57] Yes, so we’re finding that our software is really geared towards student response systems. And allowing lecturers and students to really engage in the lecture environment.

NATALIE TURNER [00:02:10] Oh, that’s amazing. So, just getting back to Ad-Tech for a moment, you said it was the first year you’ve been here.

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:02:15] Yes.

NATALIE TURNER [00:02:16] How successful has it been?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:02:17] Very good. We have really enjoyed it. Yes, you know, we’ve I think we’ve got a decent spot and we’re meeting loads of lovely people. Yeah and really sort of you know expanding the you know, the value of Glisser.

NATALIE TURNER [00:02:30] So, I mean, you’re a mobile application company. What has been the biggest change in technology?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:02:36] Well, the biggest use, the biggest change is in using technology that attendees delegates have in their pocket that they themselves provide. They bring along to to events. So back in the days when you used to, as an organizer, provide some sort of iPad or some sort of device for delegates to use to get feedback to get insight. Now, what we’re doing, we’re harnessing technology, they already exist and they have. And just really, you know, making sure these guys are fully engaged, using their own technologies.

NATALIE TURNER [00:03:15] That’s amazing. So what differentiates you from your competitors and other companies that might do something similar?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:03:21] Yes. So we are, it’s more and I’ve said this over the last couple of days. It’s a very much an apples and oranges type comparison with our competitors. So we do have competitors out there, lovely people, they are, you know, we do get on with them. But they provide, they provide a probably 50 percent picture type service compared to what we do. We have a much more integrated platform. And the important thing of that is that your hard messaging is really the the messages, you want to know, that are resonating with your delegates. If you’re not picking up any insight on to that, you know best will in the world, you know, you’re not really going to really find out if your money is being spent in the right places and at the right time, really. So with our platform, we allow for content sharing. So we allow for interaction, plus your hard messaging clients. So now you’re picking up as I say the 100 percent feature and now you can put that number that ROI number that all important number to to your event.

NATALIE TURNER [00:04:21] That’s fantastic. So what have been the biggest successes and what’s been the biggest challenges, shall we say, that you’ve had to overcome?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:04:30] Well, the biggest successes are or have been are use across a very varied and wide, wide scope of corporates, governmental departments, public health organisations, and now the educational system as well. The biggest challenges, of course, is because this tech is fairly new, is trying to really get people to buy into it a lot more. But now it’s becoming, you know, much more widely used and recognized and to tell you the truth in about 18 months time is going to be pretty standard tech. You know, you’re going to arrive at an event now and say, right, what platform am I using and what’s what’s the URL I’ve got to use and, you know, you know exactly where you’re just going to know now.

NATALIE TURNER [00:05:18] It’s happening in lecture halls at the moment. I mean, when I was at university, which wasn’t too long ago, we were using mobile applications for interactive engagement in a lecture. So what my next question was going to be, you target the education sector as well. Do you use social media to you know widen on that.

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:05:38] Yes, so we have an actual function on the platform that will allow you to use Twitter. So in an educational setting, I don’t know how the uptake of that of that particular service might be or how high that uptake might be. But in an events and in a conference type environment, you know, as an organizer, you want your delegate to evangelize. You want to amplify the event. We’ve got a function on that platform that allows to do that so you use your own custom hashtag that’s embedded into our platform for your particular event. And the good thing about our platform is that though can’t control what goes on Twitter, with moderation you can actually control what comes back onto the platform. So all good things, you know, all good tweets.

NATALIE TURNER [00:06:22] Fantastic. What would you say has been the most successful and useful marketing tool that you guys have been using?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:06:29] For the use of Glisser? Well, you know, we’re finding that our platform does it does the talking for itself in many respects. You know, we have various ways of trying to get into, you know, our corporate clients and so forth. But we find that once we have a use of Glisser they tend to as a knock on effect and they tend to be evangelists for us as well.

NATALIE TURNER [00:06:55] Right.

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:06:56] And, you know and a lot you know, it’s just because our take is really unrivalled in many ways. So, we’re finding that, you know, people are coming to us for a much more in-depth data gathering type functioning needs.

NATALIE TURNER [00:07:12] Fantastic. So is there a key message that you would like to get out to the audience today?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:07:16] Yes. Come and try Glisser. Yes. No, if you’re looking the key message would be, you know, if you’re looking to really engage your delegate, your trainee, your student. Have a look at Glisser.

NATALIE TURNER [00:07:30] So how do you see Glisser developing? Like where do you see the future going for Glisser. You said in about 18 months time it’s going to be a normal practice for everybody to have this application. But I mean, further on from that. What’s the goal? What’s the plan?

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:07:47] So we’re we’re looking to to make Glisser a integral part of especially with us with students, an integral part of your learning experience. We’re a product that gets driven by insight from our customers. So a lot of development work has gone on from feedback we receive from our customers, our clients, how to help improve their delegates experience. And really the key to Glisser is making your delegate feel that they’re part of your presentation, your, your speaking slot, whatever you know. Much more immersive experience for the guys.

NATALIE TURNER [00:08:24] Fantastic. Well, thank you so much Lionel for joining us.

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:08:27] Thank you very much.

NATALIE TURNER [00:08:27] It’s been lovely meeting you

LIONEL SCURVILLE [00:08:28] Thank you.

NATALIE TURNER [00:08:29] Having a good chat.

[00:08:30] That is unfortunately all we have time for. But please don’t go away, because we will be back after a very short break. We will see you in a bit.