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Karl Altmann Uniscon Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Karl Altmann Uniscon Cloud Expo Europe 2020

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:12] Hi, I’m David Terrar reporting for Disruptive Live. We’re here at the London Tech Show, which is within Cloud Expo Europe. And I’ve got Karl from Uniscon. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what the company is?

KARL ALTMANN [00:00:23] Absolutely. David, thanks for having me. Thanks for the invitation to speak with you today. We’re a German provider of confidential cloud computing platforms and services.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:33] I like that, confidential cloud computing.

KARL ALTMANN [00:00:36] That’s right. Yeah yeah, so interesting space as we believe, and growing into the future. And so we here at the show, obviously, to present ourselves to the UK market and international market beyond that.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:51] And I I know that the company is part of a larger group, tell us about that.

KARL ALTMANN [00:00:57] Right. Right. So Tuv Sud is also German, a hundred and forty year old company in the tech space. Especially in the certification area, for example, for data centres and also as a UK representation, I think they have about six hundred people here in the UK and so.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:21] So have done a lot of things over the years. When did they start this Uniscon?

KARL ALTMANN [00:01:25] Well they acquired Uniscon about two years ago. And because stay they saw this technology as a base for digitalisation for not just for for the company itself, actually, but also, you know, for a larger margin and the customers and the industry. For example, there are our mothership, if you like. Very strong in you know, in industrial within industrial customer so the IoT space, etc. It’s all in areas where we are active in.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:59] The industry 4.0 topic. That’s very important in your country everywhere.

KARL ALTMANN [00:02:04] Yeah, that’s right. Yeah so. And it is a pretty hot topic as we believe. And we see a lot of customers, you know, trying to understand how they can leverage the cloud and can use cloud services, etc. But just still a little reluctant to put their data and their production data and their life data to the cloud for a number of reasons. So and we’re trying to help them to overcome those you know what holds them back.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:35] So so you’re you’re coming in to address those kind of security concerns? Are we talking about public cloud or private cloud or on premise or is it all three?

KARL ALTMANN [00:02:45] Yeah. You can actually take your pick. So where you can have it as a their own on premise product or system or, you know, just use ours. We operate as a public cloud platform where you bring your docker container, put it on this, put it on the system and you’re pretty much ready to go. So and so the confidential computing space, as we call it, you know for example what holds this customers back? It’s they’re not sure they want to give somebody that data, which is the lifeblood of the company. And at the same time, to have concerns. You know what happens with the data? Who has access to it? And we can take especially address those concerns.

DAVID TERRAR [00:03:37] Because you can be very specific about where it’s stored and how it’s being used.

KARL ALTMANN [00:03:40] Right. Yeah so the idea behind it, though the whole confidential computing thing is, you know, obviously your data is encrypted while it’s in transit. Your data is encrypted while it’s addressed you know, on a storage system. And that’s pretty much a no brainer nowadays. However, at that very moment when data is actually valuable to you, that’s the moment when you process it, when you work with your data. You know, otherwise it’s just laying around and doesn’t do anything for you. And that very moment is but it’s not encrypted anymore. Otherwise it could not touch it. You could not work with it. So and at that point, it becomes vulnerable. So, you know, people can either steal your data if they get access to it or manipulate it. And now just imagine your training an AI system with data where you cannot be sure you know about how good the integrity of the data is. And then whatever that AI system is then being trained on is probably not what you would want or of course, just, you know, good old data, exfiltration, etc.. So and we wanted to take that away. So even we asked a provider, even if you give us your data or your applications, even us, we have no way of having access to your data. So our administrators or your administrators can cannot access it no matter what their privilege status is in. An administrator, for example. So that’s one of the things that we’re addressing here.

DAVID TERRAR [00:05:15] Sounds really good. Now, that sounds like an infrastructure as a service product. Are there any do you go to platform? Are there any other things that you do as well as that?

KARL ALTMANN [00:05:24] Yeah, well we you know, our because we’re coming really from the security side. And so and rather than having it as a bolt on afterward. So as an afterthought, so we are coming very much from the security end. And now we’re adding and looking at adding some micro services, etc. But always under the premise of will that have an effect on security and that we want to provide and that people are actually asking for. And we’re not saying that we are addressing 100 percent of the market in the cloud space or in the platform space. And obviously there Azure and there’s others. And but we believe that there’s a certain amount and it’s a rather big chunk of data and applications that have specific security need. And that’s where we play. So and and I compared the little with years ago when you had SSL TLS connections and people were saying, well, there’s only that much, you know, where you need. And as cell encryption, because maybe for your shopping, maybe for that. And today, it’s 100 percent. Everything is so encrypted and we think that’s confidential cloud computing, where also many others play, not just us. Now we’ll go with the same route over the next couple of years.

DAVID TERRAR [00:06:44] Now, the group obviously brought you in right at the start when they’re acquired company. Where are you taking the company? You’re obviously brought in to grow the company. What’s next?

KARL ALTMANN [00:06:53] Right. So you know where we here in the U.K. at The Cloud Expo. So obviously, you know, we are looking at the U.K. market and now outside of, let’s say, Germany or German speaking countries especially now getting our products out and the word out. So we especially want to address the U.K. market. And and we are also obviously looking at adding, as I said before, more features and more functionality. Also working with others either partners in purely in sales and operations, but also product wise. So the idea is to have a secure marketplace where you can host your applications and then just bring your own licence for, let’s say, data analytics software or big data and analytics, things like that or database and run it on on the platform and or even bring your legacy application if you can put it in in a container.

DAVID TERRAR [00:08:00] That’s very exciting. How has the show been for you?

KARL ALTMANN [00:08:03] You know, it’s going good. I mean, we I guess we all are you know, it is what it is in a sense. But we did Cloud Expo for, It’s the second time in the U.K. now. We did the Singapore one. We did twice in Frankfurt. And I think it’s still a great platform, not just obviously, we want to meet customers or potential customers and talk to them. But it’s also good to see what our peers are doing, what others are doing, and kind of interface a little with with our friends in the market and have an exchange of ideas with them. And I think those very, very good talks and by a number of really great experts. So it’s it’s always good to be here.

DAVID TERRAR [00:08:45] Well, it’s been great to hear you tell us all about Uniscon. Karl, thanks very much.

KARL ALTMANN [00:08:50] Thank you, David. Thanks for having me.

DAVID TERRAR [00:08:52] And this is David Terrar signing off for Disruptive Live. If you go to hashtag CE 2020, CEE get that right, hashtag CEE 2020 or hashtag Disruptive Live. You’ll get more interviews and content like this one. Thanks very much.