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Jason Tooley – Veridium – CIO Transformation LIVE – Manchester 2019

Jason Tooley – Veridium – CIO Transformation LIVE – Manchester 2019

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:00] Hi, this is David Terrar, reporting from CIO Transformation Live, here at Manchester Central. And it’s still sunny, which is good, not raining. I’ve got Jason Tooley with me. So, Jason, please introduce yourself and your company.


JASON TOOLEY [00:00:11] Yes. I’m Jason Tooley. I’m the Chief Revenue Officer for Veridium, a British software start-up company, “lace” stage start-Up. But I’m also a board member at Tech UK.


DAVID TERRAR [00:00:21] Now tell me what Veridium do. And you’ve only been there quite recently, yeah?


JASON TOOLEY [00:00:25] That’s right. Yeah. So if you think about a really topical issue at the moment in the market is the concept of digital identities, the creation of digital identities, and then the authentication where a software based platform that allows customers to create digital identities for their employees, their clients and their transactions and then authenticate against those on demand.


DAVID TERRAR [00:00:48] What kind of customers are you working with?


JASON TOOLEY [00:00:50] Global financial services is a really kind of key market for us, but really top to bottom the global banks all the way through to the challenges that digital banks, payment service providers, any regulated industry that needs the ability to digitally authenticate, users, clients, transactions. That’s where we play really strongly. So actually there’s no one market that kind of suits us. But financial services has kind of led the way in terms of our customer base.


DAVID TERRAR [00:01:20] I know, Jason you’ve worked for big companies before. What attracted you to come join a start-up?


JASON TOOLEY [00:01:25] One of the bigger companies and I’ve done smaller companies. So the last 3 roles that I’ve done have all been big digital transformations or big transformations of organizations in Veritas, in Citrix and then IBM Tivoli. And I’ve done some start-ups before. I really like the idea of this kind of high growth innovative market area around digital I.D.. It’s a British software company that’s fantastic as well. Great opportunity to kind of promote industry and the British software industry in particular. I can leverage some of my tech UK board membership with that capability as well. So it’s just really about opportunity. It’s the opportunity to kind of take the business on a journey from where it is today, who that high growth spur align ourselves to the market requirements, customer requirements and and have a bit fun while we do it.


JASON TOOLEY [00:02:18] Now, you mentioned taking a couple of times. What are you trying to do with your directorship at Tech UK?


[00:02:23] Well, I’m a board member at Tech UK and so what we’re always trying to do is represent the tech industry in the right way. And that means the larger players, but also the smaller players and the affiliates as well. So start-ups, including Veridium, who are Tech UK member. As always, we’re trying to represent the market, but we’re trying to hook into innovative themes like A.I like digital identity and thought lead in those areas, being able to bring some of our members together with prospective customers, bring in member to member relationships together that can create better solutions, better outcomes for the market. It’s a really interesting role. It’s interesting to be able to see the direction the market is going on, going in. And obviously what we do is one of the pillars, central pillars in terms of strategies for Tech UK as well. So there’s a bit of a convergence of what Viridium does and that digital ID space and what take UK are doing in thought leadership with government, with private sector in terms of creating the digital identity strategies.


[00:03:30] What do you think is the event today?


JASON TOOLEY [00:03:31] Good event. You know, lots of lots of good presenters, a bit of a Q&A early, a bit of panel that I was pleased to be part of.


DAVID TERRAR [00:03:40] Very pleased you’re on that. That was good.


JASON TOOLEY [00:03:41] Yeah. I thought that was good. Good kind of group of people. I think there’s some good customers here that we want to talk to, that we want to talk about the challenges where we can help them. So all good. Nice trip to Manchester. No rain today. There was yesterday. And yeah, it should work out well for us.


DAVID TERRAR [00:03:59] Jason, thank you. And for if you come back to #ciotl or CIO Transformation TV, you’ll get more shows like this, more interviews, and we’ll be here all day. Thanks very much.