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Jan Puzicha LeanIX Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Jan Puzicha LeanIX Cloud Expo Europe 2020

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:09] Hello and welcome to the London Tech show 2020. I’m Nayoka Oware hosting for Disruptive Live and today I’m joined by Jan Puzicha, the CTO of LeanIX. How are you Jan?

JAN PUZICHA [00:00:23] I’m doing very well. How about yourself?

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:24] I’m doing very well too. How are you finding the event so far?

JAN PUZICHA [00:00:28] It’s been good. It’s been really exciting to be here. It’s the first time we actually joined Cloud Expo. And we find it really worthwhile to come here.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:36] Wonderful. Tell us more about what your job entails and who are LeanIX, what do you do?

JAN PUZICHA [00:00:44] Yes, sure LeanIX is a SaaS software provider for basically two products that we have out in the market. One of that is enterprise architecture. So that’s all about understanding how IT can provide value to the business from a business perspective. The other one is our cloud native suite, where we basically scan large cloud environments in order to automatically populate and understand what you’re running in the clouds and then basically tie that back into the business perspective and how that’s basically being consumed and provides value. I myself am the company’s CTO and responsible for all of product. So that entails product management as well as all of the development functions.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:01:27] Thank you for those who don’t know what the CTO is. Can you explain it all further?

JAN PUZICHA [00:01:31] Absolutely. So CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer. So it basically means that I’m responsible for product vision, for the architectural vision of the company and for product as a whole. So anything that has to do with product delivery and helping to fund product is basically my responsibility in the company.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:01:48] It’s a very important role.

JAN PUZICHA [00:01:51] Thank you.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:01:52] Can you tell us about the benefits of the products you offer?

JAN PUZICHA [00:01:55] Yes, absolutely. So key benefits are all around understanding how you basically deliver value from a business perspective. So we basically help companies organise their client transformation into the cloud and how to understand risk that you have in the cloud, how you understand basically where you have security vulnerabilities, understand where you basically are in need for governance and compliance as part of your cloud journey.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:02:28] Thank you. Why do you think your customers buy from you?

JAN PUZICHA [00:02:32] Well, basically what our customers tell us, because we asked them why do you buy from us? I think a key reason is really software usability. So we pride ourselves in producing very highly usable software that is very appealing even to the non-technical users. We typically see in our rollouts that it’s sometimes hundreds, if not thousands of people in a company actually using our software. And that basically spans everything from deeply technical architects all the way into business stakeholders and business users that basically want to understand what is the information we’ve captured, what does it mean for them. And basically they’re active users of the system.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:03:13] Lastly, Jan, tell us about how LeanIX uses the cloud.

JAN PUZICHA [00:03:18] Yes, we’re basically users ourself of the cloud. So as a SaaS company, we feel like we’re sort of cloud born or cloud native company. So all of our micro services and the back end infrastructure of the software is running in a public cloud provider in Azure. We are users of Kubernetes. So most of our software actually is now running in a Kubernetes deployment and we basically make heavy use of the various platform services that that Azure provides for us.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:03:47] Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been great speaking to you.

JAN PUZICHA [00:03:51] Thank you so much. Has been a pleasure.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:03:52] Thank you for watching.