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James Don-Carolis TrueCue Cloud Expo Europe 2020

James Don-Carolis TrueCue Cloud Expo Europe 2020

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:10] Hi, I’m David Terrar. reporting for Disruptive Live. We’re here at the London Tech Show at Cloud Expo Europe. And I’ve got James from TrueCue with me. So James, introduce yourself and tell me what TrueCue is.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:00:22] So, yeah, James Don-Carolis. I’m the Managing Director of TrueCue. We’re a completely new brand. We’ve launched this week.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:27] Literally on Monday?

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:00:30] On Monday this week so so it’s our first public outing. And we are a technology analytics company. So we’ve got two offerings, the TrueCue platform, which is a cloud data warehouse automation platform and the TrueCue service offering, which is technology enabled analytical consultancy to add a visualisation layer on top of the data.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:51] Now we’ll get into this in a minute, but where did TrueCue come from? Because obviously it’s come from somewhere. Tell us a bit about the history.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:00:58] So I used to be apart Concentra. So Concentra is a company which been going for twelve years and we’re part of the Concentra group. So TrueCue is a division which I used to run the analytics products and services division. And it got to a point where we felt we had to have its own identity, more independence, an ability to go to market as its own brand.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:24] So you’ve kind of created a softwatre as a service product which you’ve now launched.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:01:27] Which we’ve now launch, exactly. So so we’re still in the same offices as Concentra. We share a backoffice, but we’re going to market independently.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:35] Okay. And what are the sort of things this Concentra do and how did it start? And the phone’s gone. It’s live guys ignore that, ignore the phone.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:01:47] So Concentra, so our history is a coming together of a group of management consultants and a group of technologists. So I was in the management consulting side myself, used to be an economist and a strategy consultant. And really it was through a frustration of projects always being based in Excel and PowerPoint. So you’d spend weeks or months developing, you know, wonderfully complex Excel spreadsheets, huge models, sometimes very powerful, bringing together data from across the business to solve a particular problem, which, you know, would be high impact for the client. But at the end of the project, you knew that it wasn’t going to be used again by the by the client themselves.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:33] The model gets copied onto my PowerPoint for presentation and.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:02:35] Exactly all the charts get cut and pasted into the PowerPoint, you do the final presentation. It’s all wonderful, but then the model will not be used again. And it was it’s a shame that all that value, it doesn’t get to live on.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:47] So you think you want to bring those kind of models to life in terms of data analysis.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:02:51] We want to bring them to life, we want to make sure that they’ve got the ability to deliver value to the client beyond our involvement in the projects. And also we were getting frustrated with the limitations of Excel as a tool. It’s great for certain things. But for example, we were doing a project with the NHS where we wanted to deliver a technology solution to every chemotherapy hospital across the country. And you can’t do that with Excel. So we had to have a web based tool. So that led us into the new world of technology procurement with our client at the NHS.

DAVID TERRAR [00:03:27] We can talk loads more about Excel spreadsheets misuse in the NHS. Tell me more about TrueCue. So you say describe that as like a no code solution for data visualisation.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:03:37] So the TrueCue platform is a completely no code interface. What we’re trying to do is make the path to a cloud data warehouse platform as easy as cost-effective. We reduce the reliance on IT so a good analyst can navigate the interface. And in a matter of literally minutes, build a enterprise grade data warehouse in Azure.

DAVID TERRAR [00:04:06] Fantastic. And you’ve just launched what what’s the interest been so far?

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:04:11] It’s been really positive. I mean, you know, you have announced these things on on social media first that the number of people have been interested has been it’s been really encouraging. For us it’s more of an evolution than a revolution because we’re still part of the Concentra group. But I think having our own brand enables us to stand on our own two feet and approach to market with our own message.

DAVID TERRAR [00:04:37] Explain why trueCue.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:04:39] TrueCue so we went through a branding process and really, so we’re offering platform and services. So it’s quite unusual. Most most companies offer one or the other. So we looked at who who are or who’s our target audience. We realised with services and platform we’re targeting the same same person so ahead of business function, someone who’s running a division of a business. And really what we’re trying to bring is the truth. So certainty from that data. So one version of the truth, so we wanted to get the true in there. And then also what we’re trying to do is its a cue for action. So we’re trying to prioritise and provide insight which will enable that person to act on what matters most. So it’s true for truth. And the cue for action.

DAVID TERRAR [00:05:26] Great sounding brand like it. That’s good. So what’s next? You’ve just launched what what kind of customers are you trying to find?

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:05:33] So. Well, as you well know with analytics, it can be applied to any industry, any function, big or small. However, we do have particular expertise in certain industries, particularly the public sector. So I personally did a lot of work in healthcare over the years. Pharmaceuticals, local authority. So so councils and consumer goods so those industries we’ve got particular track record in. We also have a lot of domain expertise in the HR function. So people analytics. I personally believe that people analytics is quite an untapped domain. If you ask most leaders, you know, what’s your most valuable asset? It’s always the people. However, the you haven’t got the same rigour of analysing people data as you do with other types of data typically. So sales, marketing, the analytics platforms for those sectors, are very mature. Whereas with people, people data is sometimes more subjective, harder to quantify. So I think there’s untapped potential there.

DAVID TERRAR [00:06:40] In today’s environment where we are generating more and more and more data every day and everything is is getting more accelerated. It sounds like you’ve got a really great opportunity, but I don’t know any other low code solutions doing something like you’re doing. Have you got any competitors?

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:06:54] Not not directly. So one of the features that we think really helps with that particular issue is for  which is called agile remodelling. So, you know, with the the not just increased volume of data, but the increased number of sources or the fact that data is changing, you know, what we can do very easily is bring in a new data source or have a source change its configuration and our platform automatically take it in without any you know, without having to raise a ticket with IT to get it changed.

DAVID TERRAR [00:07:27] James, it sounds fantastic. And I think it’s an awful lot of potential in terms of what you’re trying to do. Fantastic. Thanks very much for talking to us.

JAMES DON-CAROLIS [00:07:34] Thank you.

DAVID TERRAR [00:07:36] And if you check back at hashtag CEE 2020 and hashtag Disruptive Live, you’ll get more content like this. This is David Terrar for Disruptive Live signing off. Thank you very much.