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Hiren Parekh OVHcloud Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Hiren Parekh OVHcloud Cloud Expo Europe 2020

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:00:10] Hello and welcome to London Tech Show. I’m Anna Flockett, Editor of StartUps Magazine. And today, we’re here talking with Hiren Parekh of OVHcloud. Hi Hiren, nice to have you here.

HIREN PAREKH [00:00:23] Nice to be here.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:00:24] Thank you for joining me. And so could you tell me a little bit about OVHcloud and what you guys do?

HIREN PAREKH [00:00:30] Sure. OVHcloud is a global cloud service provider, as the name suggests. We are a French company that have a global presence with 34 data centres across the world and our global 20 terabyte dark fibre network. One of our key differentiators is that we build and manufacture our own servers, which are then wrapped in our own data centres.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:00:48] Oh cool and how important is like cloud technology in today’s, you know, current society?

HIREN PAREKH [00:00:55] I think you’ll find that many, I’d say a year ago, people were probably a bit of inertia in terms of getting moving towards a cloud. But I think as time has evolved, more and more people are evaluating and looking at their cloud strategy. And I think the more common right now is to have a multi or hybrid cloud approach in order to not have all your eggs in one basket, which is best practise.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:01:14] Definitely. And I believe that you OVHcloud does a lot of work with start-ups. Could you tell me a little bit more about your start-up programme and the work you do there?

HIREN PAREKH [00:01:24] Sure. OVHcloud start-up I mean, OVH itself is a start-up and we still maintain the start-up spirit. So this is where the roots and this is where we originated from. For the start-up programme itself. It’s important to support the start-up ecosystem and the economy. It’s working with not only start-ups with the right partners and through all programme we’re supporting start-ups in three ways. It’s providing infrastructure credits so that they can get their first steps into the cloud and start to test their solution and how they can build on that. Also providing consulting advice in terms of what is the right platform because again, I think, you know, there’s the ever increasing demand to understand more about, which is the right cloud for the right package and right application. And I think it’s important to make a conscious decision. So through our solutions, architects, technical account managers, we’re providing consulting advice and also connecting them to our partner ecosystem as well so they can also leverage and understand how we can help them go to market with the innovative idea.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:02:20] Of course. And is it important to give these start-ups access to the cloud and show them the right direction say?

HIREN PAREKH [00:02:27] Absolutely. And I think, you know, when you say the word cloud is broad and I think historically going from sort of owned IT and shared IT we go to more disparate using multiple cloud providers, using multiple applications and I think is important as a cloud provider, as partners, that we help those start-ups navigate this complex landscape.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:02:47] And how does start-ups get onto the programme? Do you look for them? Do they approach you? Is it a bit of both?

HIREN PAREKH [00:02:53] Several ways you know, we have it online, it’s on the website so they can just go and fill in the application and register. Alternatively, work with partners like French Tech or Chamber of Commerce and other tech incubators to ensure that we have a sort of a connectivity or connection to them. So they have accessibility to OVHcloud and also not to mention a lot of meetups that we’re a part of or we sponsor. So, you know, we’re about within the tech community or start-up communities. This year OVH will also be at London Tech Week. So again, it’s an opportunity to give access to, give them access to OVH. So multiple directions of ways that they can engage with those and get onto the programme.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:03:30] And what sorts of start-ups have you seen throughout the companies programme? What sort of products and innovative ideas have you seen?

HIREN PAREKH [00:03:38] Sure. I guess being the U.K. fintech. So we do have a few fintech company has been a big one. Also big data analytics, you know a lot of it is probably already providing SaaS applications or a way of providing a service to a customer. So the speciality of the start-up is on this core tool that they’re providing as opposed to the infrastructure. And this is where a provider like OVH is is playing to their strengths and providing them right advice in the right sort of sort of base infrastructure to build on their applications.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:04:08] Definitely. And do you have any criteria for start-ups that, you know, applying or looking to join the program?

HIREN PAREKH [00:04:15] We have different levels. So, you know, there is a sort of more a start-up and a scale ups as two sort of levels to the programme. But again, we do it each on a case by case basis. We’re quite flexible in our approach and try and work with as many start-ups as we possibly can.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:04:28] Amazing. And how important are shows like Cloud Expo for start-ups to to be here.

HIREN PAREKH [00:04:35] I mean, I think shows like Cloud Expo are a great learning environment. You know, there’s so many different exhibitors here, so many different companies. There are so many different speaking slots and keynote sessions that, you know, start-ups can really come to sort of feed that thought process or, you know, feed the innovative ideas that they have and understand how they may go about building this idea that they have and what are the steps to take which are the right partners for them. So I think it’s important to connect with the ecosystem and get the ideas.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:05:01] And how important are shows like Cloud Expo for you guys. Have you been here before?

HIREN PAREKH [00:05:08] Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s it’s important in the way that we get to connect with customers, understand what people are looking for, what are the market trends, you know, how is OVHcloud able to support those customers and solve the business problems that they have or advising those business problems? So certainly is value in being at the show and connecting with not only the potential customers and people here, but also our partners and our peers and understanding how we can work together as an ecosystem.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:05:32] Amazing. Well, thank you for listening and thank you for joining me today Hiren.

HIREN PAREKH [00:05:36] Thank you for having us.

ANNA FLOCKETT [00:05:37] Thank you.