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Harman Singh – Defendza – CIO Transformation LIVE

Harman Singh – Defendza – CIO Transformation LIVE

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:02] Hi, this is David Terror reporting at CIO Transformation Live here at Manchester Central. If you want content like this. Check out #ciotl and I’ve got Harman Singh with me. So, Harman, please introduce yourself and who you work for.

HARMAN SINGH [00:00:14] Thank you, David. I am Harman Singh from Defendza. I’m the one of the co-founders. Our job is just to help the customers protect their most priced assets. These could be people, processes or technology.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:26] So it’s the whole security game?

HARMAN SINGH [00:00:28] Yes, at technical level. So we are not into audits are the big regulations side of things, but we held them at the ground levels of the groundwork is clear. We tell them you should feel confident.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:39] So coming to the event today, what kind of things you want to get out of today’s event?

HARMAN SINGH [00:00:42] I notice that this still transformation is one of the key themes of today’s topic, and it’s very much relevant to a wider level of activities at the I.T. landscape. If you look at it. And then skewed is not very much behind when it comes to digital transformation. So I am here to learn from the I.T. domain side of things and educate myself being a professional and then see where it goes.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:07] Excellent. Tell me a bit about the kind of customers that you work with and what you do for them kind of in practise?

HARMAN SINGH [00:01:12] We’ve come across a wide range given that we are growing business. We are not bent on just one type of client. So we are from financial services too. As you know, Manchester is growing and we’re growing in terms of online retailers. They are part of our clientèle and also some private equity clients who need help with major acquisitions. So cybersquatting comes in at different junctures of our business lifecycle, if we look at it.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:36] So loads of issues when it comes to the mergers side of things?

HARMAN SINGH [00:01:39] Yes. Recently, more highlighted by the media, as you know, by yes, they they do come across. I think that’s very important as well. It’s just like a similar traditional transformation. When you’re bringing in so many different vendors together. All the technologies that search, you need to be aware of your tax office, what sorts of assets, information you’re exposing out and information. As you know, we can’t undermine the importance of information these days. So that’s where we come into assess without talking about inclination towards any vendors. We just tell you the way this picture is for you and Wineman. And then we help you to mitigate that. But the decision is ultimately yours in terms of the products you’re using or people in the processes that you have.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:20] Or in today’s environment, you know, trust and reputation are more important than ever.

HARMAN SINGH [00:02:25] Exactly, exactly. And businesses are getting aware of it. So a little bit of I would put it in this way that a few years ago we used to see ticking the box excise. Because if it’s somebody in the supply chain is asking for a scooty assurance, you just go for a normal vendor looking for who’s who can do the job. Quickest and the cheapest and you just get a tick in the box and then you good to go. But nowadays it’s all directly relevant to your approach. If you’re proactive towards it, it’s not about ticking the box. It’s more about whether you are doing things, let’s say, in line with defence, in depth approach principle of cybersecurity and you are making your homework right so that your brand reputation is on the line. You want to avoid that at any cost. Yeah.

DAVID TERRAR [00:03:07] What else do you hope to see at the show today?

HARMAN SINGH [00:03:09] I have a couple of sessions marked for me. Fortunately, I had a quick glimpse of yours. I would have loved to see the whole probably to see the recorded it later. I would be more interested in seeing ML based on the digital transformation of a stock study and to learn more in terms of how they said. My aim is today to just educate myself and meet fellow professionals like you.

DAVID TERRAR [00:03:32] Harman, thanks for telling us about that. And if you check back here at #ciotl you’ll have more interviews like this and more content throughout the day. Thank you.