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Edward Hu mlytics Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Edward Hu mlytics Cloud Expo Europe 2020

GEMMA SMITH [00:00:12] Hi and welcome back to the London Tech Show. My name’s Gemma Smith and I’m from Kaizo. I’m joined today by Edward Hu, V.P. of Growth at mlytics. Thank you so much for joining us.

EDWARD HU [00:00:21] Thank you for having me here.

GEMMA SMITH [00:00:22] So we’re here at the London Tech Show. How important is events like this for marketing and communications. Kind of what’s the what’s the value to you in something like this?

EDWARD HU [00:00:32] Yeah, for sure. So for marketing, where we think about marketing and in terms of trade show, often times we’ve been really overseeing the importance of digital marketing. And because the trade show itself is a very it’s a very integrated market. It’s a physical marketing activity. So a lot of times we focus too much on really just on the off line aspect of it. But really a lot of times we haven’t really think about how we can connect the leads that the lead generation activity that we have been doing and connect it to whatever is happening on the digital side. So I definitely feel we need to really think about what we should be doing in the digital field when we are in a trade show like this. So I think that’s something very important we have to think of.

GEMMA SMITH [00:01:21] That’s really interesting. So you’ve you’ve been here for, we’re nearing the end of day one now. You’ve been here for the day. What have you seen that’s been the most interesting so far?

EDWARD HU [00:01:30] I think so far, I think I think it’s not just the show in general, I think of for the show. I actually have been to the Cloud Expo Asia in Singapore. Yeah, so what I’ve been saying is that people actually are doing a lot of crazy activities that you do this and win this stuff. And I definitely, it keeps me thinking whether if it’s actually an effective strategy. You know, I would really love to see that data behind it, because for me, I’m really all about digital. You know, when a people comes over to our booth, yeah, we’d exchange data and we’d get their information. And we put in our system and we see how the conversion goes. I want to see the conversion rate, but I would definitely love to see how those activities are doing for those companies.

GEMMA SMITH [00:02:20] Yes, so the ones with the funny activities, unlock this padlock or try and catch this ball from whatever blowing machine. Yeah, I think I know which ones you mean. So a lot of kind of talk around this event is centred around cloud. Do you think there’s been a big change in how we’re seeing cloud communicated now? And sort of the reception it’s received has changed a bit over the years. What’s your take on that?

EDWARD HU [00:02:46] Yeah. So I think cloud is definitely something that has been changing, not just our lives actually for a lot of the business, the way they operate as well. I mean, going back to the marketing side, you know, marketing has been very much about physical events and PR. A lot of things like that. But nowadays, you know, when we’re talking about digital marketing, we’re trying to use different tools to manage the leads that we have been generated or whatever the activities you’ve been doing on the internet. So the cloud has been changing a lot of different stuff. And I do think that this is actually going to accelerate even more because a lot of the big companies or a lot of the traditional companies there are only going cloud. You’re not going back because they’re going to be left behind if you’re not going cloud and you know, even even talking about cloud, the cost is way lower than what’s what it was ten years ago. So you can even you can actually see more people going cloud nowadays where even years after.

GEMMA SMITH [00:03:53] Yeah. So obviously, kind of more people moving towards the cloud, more people taking that approach. What do you think is next then for cloud?

EDWARD HU [00:04:02] I think I think it’s a very good question. And even some of the pioneers in the cloud industry has been have been asking about this question. What is the next big thing? And personally, because I work in a multi-CDN company and I would definitely say multi-cloud. So multi-cloud is a very big topic. But to give you a pretty good idea of what is multi-cloud is that you’re basically using different services. So, for example, you have AWS as has your main hosting services, but you’re also using GCP at the same time to sort of use it as a backup or fell over, whatever it is. I mean, multi-cloud is definitely going to be the next big thing. I mean, multi multi-cloud is already a thing. But the the key question is what is going to be the key elements or technology that’s going to connect cloud between cloud and cloud, how to automate them and how to make them more easier, how to make it easier to use for businesses?

GEMMA SMITH [00:05:06] Yeah. And I think there’s definitely a big challenge that people are going to have to face. With that kind of in mind and talking about like different offices and things. Have you seen kind of in your experience how we’re communicating with audiences changing. I mean it kind of I know you guys you’ve done work in all sorts of different markets. So is there differences over time? Is there differences between kind of doing regional activity versus kind of bigger global marketing campaigns? What’s your view on that?

EDWARD HU [00:05:38] I think I think in general it’s it’s fascinating because the way of businesses and users, the communication in between haven’t been changing for a very while a decade for at least I can say. You can you can, we can expect businesses to reach out through email, right. And that haven’t changed for a very long time. And you know, our company is actually located in Taiwan and it’s one of the Asian top tech Asian countries in Asia. And what what we’ve been seeing that I think it’s interesting to share is this that I feel more Asian companies are willing to communicate with chat systems. So not just the chat chat system on the website, but also through messaging apps such such as WhatsApps, Facebook Messenger, you’re using those channel to communicate with with their users more than before. And I think that’s definitely something worth worth looking out for.

GEMMA SMITH [00:06:50] Yeah, that’s really interesting. It kind of brings me to my next question, kind of these new channels, are we seeing or are you finding any that are particularly effective for you with this new move maybe onto the chat side.

EDWARD HU [00:07:04] Yeah, I think the the most difficult part about, you know, implementing these communication channel is that every different region have different preferences. And I can tell you that at least for European countries and American countries, we would definitely love to use e-mail. Now, we definitely prefer we’re even even a little bit more we can use the website chat. That’s as far as we can go. But I think an Asian I think in Asia, they’re they’re more willingly to try new things. And I think that’s going to be very interesting and see how that’s going to be, how that is going to disrupt the of the Western world.

GEMMA SMITH [00:07:47] Yeah. So be very interesting to see how are we in the Americas and in Europe where they’re maybe not how we’re going take that influence and take inspiration from what’s being done in Asia. That’s really interesting. Awesome. I think that’s probably a really good place to finish a really good note to kind of leave people on. Thank you so much for joining.

EDWARD HU [00:08:09] Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me.

GEMMA SMITH [00:08:11] Thank you very much for joining us at home. We’ll catch you next time.