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Chris Smith DTX 2019 Interview

Chris Smith DTX 2019 Interview

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:09] Good afternoon and welcome back to day two of the Digital Transformation Expo. I’m Natalie Turner with Disruptive Live. And today I am joined by Chris Smith, he is the sales and marketing director of Bluechip. Thank you so much for joining us here today.

CHRIS SMITH [00:00:25] Pleasure to be here. Thank you.

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:27] No problem, how are you feeling? How’s the Expo going.

CHRIS SMITH [00:00:29] Good. Good. It feels busier than last year. Yeah, it was busier more stands more people here on on day two, I think. So its got to be a positive thing for the Expo.

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:40] Absolutely. So is this the first year you’ve done or been to these events?

CHRIS SMITH [00:00:45] No, we’ve been to a few of these events before. We’ve had stands at events like this previously as well.

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:49] What are the developments that you’ve seen over the years coming to DTX or IP expo should I say? That’s what it used to be.

CHRIS SMITH [00:00:56] IP Expo as it used to be.  I think everything seems to be moving quite place at the moment, as I’m sure everyone feels, especially around when you consider what digital transformation means. I think over the years we’ve seen some obviously technologies come and go, but there are some that are always here and are probably here for the long term as well. You know, not surprised to see obvious ones like AWS and that sort of thing here and then then there are the smaller, more niche companies that maybe you don’t see all the time.

NATALIE TURNER [00:01:29] So what is blue chips USP?

CHRIS SMITH [00:01:30] Really what we specialise in now is taking these legacy applications. If you look at it through the lens of digital transformation, if you like. So we take these what are often considered legacy systems serve as maybe applications running on these systems. We have to not just modernise them but bring them into the cloud. So we offer these platforms. So they might be MIXZ as a cloud platform for our customers that we can deliver that along with everything everyone else expects to have in the cloud. Be that it’s 86 world connectivity to the public cloud providers whoever it is. So our expertise is in making what is legacy.

NATALIE TURNER [00:02:18] I have to ask what does digital transformation mean to you?

CHRIS SMITH [00:02:21] Again, I think I’m going to have to repeat myself here. I think for me and for BlueChip it’s about taking, helping our customers move forward, giving them an outcome. So I tend not to speak to our customers in terms of products or what they can buy from of us, I tend to talk to about their problems and their challenges. If we look at digital transformation, as I mentioned before, our expertise is around the IBM world. Are lots of these systems. They tend to lend themselves to what people’s perceptions of cloud are now, I suppose. So when you think of public cloud, you think of it again, AWS, Azure, that kind of flexibility to deliver these systems. That’s not really available in those places. So we bridge that gap for the customers that we take those platforms and their applications forward into the future, if you like. So for me, digital transformation is about enabling our customers to solve their problems.

NATALIE TURNER [00:03:23] Okay, so does that sort of coincide with the key message you want to get out an audience today?

CHRIS SMITH [00:03:26] I think so. Basically, anyone with an IBM system that they liked to place into the cloud or they’re concerned is weighing them down from, because they feel it’s a legacy system or application. Come and speak to BlueChip and we can we can definitely help you.

NATALIE TURNER [00:03:43] Fantastic. All right. Well look, on that note, we’ll leave it there. But thank you so much for joining us on Disruptive Live its been an absolute pleasure meeting and talking to you.

CHRIS SMITH [00:03:51] Thank you.

NATALIE TURNER [00:03:52] That is all from us for now. However, don’t go away. We will be back after a short break. see you in 2.