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Axians Show DTX 2019 Special Neil Sperring

Axians Show DTX 2019 Special Neil Sperring

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:00:17] Welcome back to Axians Network broadcast here with Disruptive at the Digital Transformation live event in Excel. Our second guest today is Neil Sperring who is the founder and CEO of Xiria welcome to the table.

NEIL SPERRING [00:00:33] Thank you very much.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:00:33] So Neil Xiria, you’re a fairly young, disruptive start-up almost business. Are you not better placed somewhere like the Bay Area of San Francisco?

NEIL SPERRING [00:00:43] Well, yeah, you’re right. We’re we’re four years in now. Quite a thoroughbred MSP now, I suppose. Still quite early days, but still here. Actually, you know what? America’s not so distant away for us. We’ve got a lot of clients reaching out there. So, yeah, fun times.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:00:57] And who would want to work there? The ability to work in the office in flip flops and drink expensive coffee, sounds nice.

NEIL SPERRING [00:01:02] Well, the team have got the expensive coffee bit off to the right start yeah.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:01:05] As a man looking at the numbers, that’s probably what you see a lot. So I understand you you fulfil a particular need for your customers. Can you can you elaborate a bit more about that?

NEIL SPERRING [00:01:13] Yes, that’s right. So we are we’re sort of in the not so much the private cloud, but more sort of in the hybrid kind of approach. Many of the sectors within which Xiria operates, we find that they’ve either been instructed to go immediately to public cloud or to even stay on premise. And we try and find that hybrid approach. But we look at it from more of a holistic view of what applications, what’s the sort of user environment looking like. And actually also rather than just converting what they got simply into cloud. Let’s analyze those applications a little bit more depth and actually understand where we could take the organization more on a digital journey.

DANIEL THOMAS [00:01:48] That’s a good point because some company will go to either AWS or Azzure go to one point but you’re saying that actually it depends.

NEIL SPERRING [00:01:56] It’s a blend. It’s a blended approach, you know, Azzure AWS Google they have they have their spaces, it makes sense for certain workloads a computer sit there. But we fulfil that niche of people that either are too compliance heavy where by public cloud won’t fit. And also public cloud providers sometimes don’t want to deal with the more niche markets. They haven’t got the expertise to do so.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:02:21] Money services seems to be a big thing at the moment, there’s an awful lot in the press I mean in your view. what has changed? I mean, obviously cloud has been a part of it, but we were talking about the fact that money service providers of the cloud providers don’t tend to offer those extra levels of service.

NEIL SPERRING [00:02:36] We’ve seen a real transition between the type of organisers and the roles within that organization that we’re talking to. Typically, the CEOs or level more board level are taking technology much more seriously now. They’re seeing as a real enabler. Even regardless what type of business is necessary. Technology has a role to play and we see ourselves as more of a longer term engager with clients rather than project driven individual things with a definitive end date. We tend to have much larger engagement with them to focus on those different areas of digital transformation.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:03:06] So those those engagement on that level must be new. You’re working on a very solid money services model.

NEIL SPERRING [00:03:12] Absolutely. So again, unlike some of the other models that exist, particularly in public cloud, ours is very much predictable. People can actually tap into our environments and our services and have a predictability about what the longer term cost will look like.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:03:27] In terms of the predicability model, is it just about cost for the predictability that people are buying into? Or is it more a relationship or.

NEIL SPERRING [00:03:36] It’s more about levels of service and a relationship and I’d say that Xiria really has its foundation has always been around relationships. And as you grow, that becomes even harder to do. But still, we emphasize that we have more resource now to fulfil those needs. And that’s really our fundamental foundation.

DANIEL THOMAS [00:03:51] It’s quite a competitive market. So how do you differentiate yourself into a particular around money services.

NEIL SPERRING [00:03:56] It really is relationships. It’s actually we’re not typically consultants.

DANIEL THOMAS [00:04:00] It’s a trusted advisor type role

NEIL SPERRING [00:04:01] Absolutely. We have a lot of knowledge, a lot of expertise within Xiria. And we take that and offer it to companies to tap into however they like. And that’s worked really well for us.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:04:11] OK, so we’re coming towards the end of this segment. I was wondering if you can think of a final thought maybe, what’s your prediction for the future? There’s a nice open question. I shall place that one there for you to knock around.

NEIL SPERRING [00:04:26] Absolutely. I think it’s an exciting space and it’s an exciting time to be in managed services. I think it’s natural that it’s time for it to evolve again. And I think what we’re going to see is that certainly from board level, CEO level, we’re going to see much more of a need for education, less of a need for let’s all go galloping off to public cloud or any other type of cloud, for that matter. You know, we’re going to be more about educating and I think that’s really actually you see that coming through in this event here. It’s more about even educating the providers in what’s coming next.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:04:58] So enablement role sort of as a sort of partner with your customers.

NEIL SPERRING [00:05:01] Indeed.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:05:06] Neil, it seems very short. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.

NEIL SPERRING [00:05:09] Absolutely always is.

CHRIS GILMOUR [00:05:10] If you’d like to know more about Xiria. Its and we’re going to be back in a few minutes where we’ll be talking to Stuart Wallis from MLL Telecom, thank you.