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Alban Tramard – CIO Transformation LIVE – Manchester 2019

Alban Tramard – CIO Transformation LIVE – Manchester 2019

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:01] Hi, this is David Terrar, reporting for CIA Transformation, Live at the event here at Manchester Central and I’ve actually got Alban with me. So Alban, please explain who you are and who you work for, please.

ALBAN TRAMARD [00:00:11] Hi, Alban. I’m the CSO for The Hut Group. So our group is an e-commerce platform direct to consumer mainly. So we started 11 years ago, more than half, almost 15 years ago. So I was doing white label for the likes of Tesco’s and I was done selling their CD, DVD and then the business evolved to do that for themselves and starting diversifying in the protein business, in the wellness business, in the beauty business. So now protein and beauty are the key factor and and starting growing with acquisition, we are on our own datacenters down in London and worldwide selling darity to consumer everywhere around the world.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:58] And I understand is “Savvy’s” part of the brand as well.

ALBAN TRAMARD [00:01:00] Yes. Savvy one of the… Just used to be one of the starting point. It’s still there., not as profitable, but My Protein look fantastic, the main one now.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:11] And so what are the sort of things do you get involved in for the group?

ALBAN TRAMARD [00:01:16] So from a security angle, everything this is related information security goes from compliance or GDPR that everybody’s bored of listening to.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:27] But it is important.

ALBAN TRAMARD [00:01:28] It is important as well. All the cyber security elements, understanding the cyber threat that we the company and group is facing and trying to put all the tools and systems in place and process in place to to prevent the bad guys from coming in.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:43] Even more crucial for an e-commerce business.

ALBAN TRAMARD [00:01:45] Indeed, it’s forever challenging the threat. landscape’s is ever-changing. Just want to stay on top of it.

ALBAN TRAMARD [00:01:53] What are you getting out of the show today? What’s been the highlight?

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:56] It’s trying to see what other people do. But from a business point of view, understanding the business so we can facilitate the business to evolve and grow in a secure manner. So understand that element and also meet some security vendor that you have present today.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:11] Any of the presentations been really good?

ALBAN TRAMARD [00:02:13] Yeah, they’ve been informative. I’ve seen some of those vendors before. It’s always nice. Very interesting to network with the other participant to understand what their challenges are and how we can facilitate those.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:29] Alben, thank you very much for telling us about that. And if you check back on #ciotl you’ll get more content like this and on CIO Transformation TV, thank you.