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Adrian Clarke – Evident Proof – CIO Transformation LIVE – 2019

Adrian Clarke – Evident Proof – CIO Transformation LIVE – 2019

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:01] Hi, this is David Terrar. Reporting from CIO Transformation Live here at the Manchester Central, and at the moment I’ve got Adrian Clarke with me. So, Adrian, please explain who you are, where from, what the company does.

ADRIAN CLARKE [00:00:11] Hi. Pleased to be here today. And as you’ve said, Adrian Clarke, CEO of Evident Proof. We’re a company that delivers proof and verification platforms for data and workflow. We’ve built to fill the first immutable and unhackable database where at the press of a button you can output a proof certificate which goes above and beyond the evidence requirements for civil and criminal courts in Europe. So basically you can put any form of data or workflow into it. It’s built as a tool which dovetails into your existing databases and data storage activities and gives you an immutable, unhackable copy of everything that you could use, for example, to prove that you’d been compliant with GDPR or the Medicines Directive.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:58] Sounds very interesting and exciting. What makes it immutable and unhackable?

ADRIAN CLARKE [00:01:02] Well, part of the black box technology we’ve got it. Delivers some workflows where we store hashes and signatures of the data on multiple blockchains. And the way that we store that process, we go through to receive and re-engineer that data to prove that the original data set was unchanged makes it immutable.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:25] Excellent. Sounds really good. So tell me a bit about the kind of customers that you work with and what you do with them.

ADRIAN CLARKE [00:01:31] We have an unusually for a company of our stage. We have a very broad range of clients. We’ve got clients in energy generation, who use it to verify their billing activities. We have customers in manufacturing. We have local government clients on it. We have people doing art, provenance, for example. We have people storing manufacturing data to prove that their gas masks were genuine. One of our clients has gas masks which are made in parts of Asia as fakes. And those fakes can be ruled out of their manufacturing process if they get challenged legally because one of them failed and someone ended up with a lung injury.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:11] It sounds really good. What is it you’re hoping to get out of the event today?

ADRIAN CLARKE [00:02:16] Well, apart from meeting everybody here, which has been really interesting, it’s a very eclectic bunch that the event today, I’m actually very impressed with the quality and the level of the people attending it. What am I hoping to get out of it? More contacts in the industry. Possibly some new clients. But also, I’m learning, I’m learning as I’m here from the talks.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:38] And I hear you might be coming to the next one.

ADRIAN CLARKE [00:02:40] Yeah, we’re considering sponsoring the next one, actually.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:45] Well, thank you for telling me all that, Adrian. We will have more content like this if you check back to #ciotl and you’ll have more stories from the event during the day. Thanks very much.