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David Castro-Gavino – Dunnhumby

David Castro-Gavino – Dunnhumby

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:03] David, thank you so much for being here with us today. It’s great to have you back and we’ve had a lot of great discussions today. But tell me about how data and technology is improving your day to day activities.

DAVID CASTRO-GAVINO [00:00:15] The things that how technology will improve us as a whole. We have seen the evolution of how technology devices actually I intrusion us on mobile phones and so on. But the future really what we have to look for is how technology and data will enhance our day to day activities. Say, for example, you are an engineer in a in an offshore platform, it is. Rather than having to learn everything and be able to recognise everything that can be quite oxidative. They will have like a Google Glasses and will entify things on the flow. That means that that use of data and technology will allow us to be enhancing our ability to deliver our work.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:52] OK, fantastic. And what are your worries about data?

DAVID CASTRO-GAVINO [00:00:56] Well, it’s linked to it. I mean, nowadays computational power have increase. We are using machine learning. We’re using algorithms that can actually do things that can take us to a next step. If in the same way that GDPR was introduced to because we were misbehaving in the way of using data, you were not able to truly understand the implications of our actions through an unethical perspective. We might lose control of it. My worry is not losing control of the technology implementations that would that would that we do. And it’s important to ensure that we have an ethical aspect to all of the things that we do.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:01:32] Brilliant. Thank you for that, David.

DAVID CASTRO-GAVINO [00:01:33] My pleasure.