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Jeremy Snyder DTX 2019 Interview

Jeremy Snyder DTX 2019 Interview

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:13] Hello and welcome back to day two of the Digital Transformation Expo. You’re with me, Natalie Turner and my co-host, David Savage. On my right, I have Jeremy Snyder. He works for Divvy Cloud. Jeremy, how are you?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:00:26] I’m doing quite well thank you, Natalie.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:27] Fabulous, could you tell us about your role within Divvy Cloud and why you’re here today.


JEREMY SNYDER [00:00:32] Yes, and my role within Divvy Cloud. I head up business development and I head up our international strategy. I’m here today because Divvy Cloud is looking to grow internationally. We thought this would be a prime event to kind of get our name out there, start to meet with companies, you know, leading cloud, adopting enterprises over on this side of the pond and try to make a splash.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:50] Is this is the first year that you’ve been to DTX then?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:00:53] It is yeah.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:53] How are you finding the event?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:00:55] Yeah, quite interesting. It’s an interesting mix of companies of different sizes. Obviously, being here in London, you do get some of the larger enterprises coming by, which is fantastic. That’s really the companies that we find our product has the most value for.


NATALIE TURNER [00:01:06] So what are you hoping to achieve at this event?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:01:09] Yeah twofold. I mean, one is obviously to meet people who would be interested in learning more about us and what we offer and where our software can help them adopt cloud more securely. And second is just you know branding and awareness and getting our name out there to the broader market.


NATALIE TURNER [00:01:22] So to the wider market. What is your key message to them?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:01:25] So our key message to them is, look, public cloud can be a tremendous benefit. It can really help your organization move quickly. Be agile, be flexible, actually get what you want out of a digital transformation initiative, whatever that may mean for your organization. Right. However, what we see is that going to the public cloud is very often a risky proposition because people are unaware of what they need to take care of from a security and compliance standpoint. And our message to them is you don’t need to fear that risk. Right. There are tools out there. There are approaches you can take in. There are proven methodologies that companies can adopt to make that transition secure and really enable the automation sorry, the transformation that they’re looking for.


NATALIE TURNER [00:02:07] So talking of transformation. What does digital transformation mean to you?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:02:10] So digital transformation for us is primarily about companies learning to be better at whatever they do leveraging data. And what we see as part of that journey is they’re going to start accumulating data. They’re going to start analyzing data. And that can be from all, you know, all parts of the business. They’re going to bring that together. They’re going to do some analysis and then they’re going to look for opportunities to optimize whatever it is they’re doing. Ninety nine percent of the time that optimization will be based on something digital, whether it’s improving a supply chain, whether it’s more efficient marketing, whatever that may entail for them. And what we’ve seen is that because of the variability in that process, the data coming in all shapes and sizes, public cloud really is the best platform for them to go on as they try to embark down that path. And again, you know, that just comes back to the question about security and how they can protect all that data so that they can leverage it best.


NATALIE TURNER [00:03:03] What are the challenges Divvy Cloud are facing at the moment?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:03:06] So the challenges that we’re facing at the moment are really just awareness. It’s really funny. I’d like to tell people, look we’re this kind of smallish organization on the east coast of the U.S., you know, we’re 60 some employees. But we’ve raised financing rounds, but we work with the likes of 3M and General Electric and Autodesk and Twilio and really leading organizations around the world that are pioneers in cloud adoption and are very, very digital forward, forward thinking organizations. So for us, our challenge is to just get our awareness out there and get that known to the broader market so that as these companies make the transition, they can look to us for solutions to keep them secure.


NATALIE TURNER [00:03:45] So since being at DTX, what are the current market trends that you’re noticing? Everyone has had something different to say. It will be interesting to hear what your take is on that.


JEREMY SNYDER [00:03:55] It’s been really interesting. So as I mentioned, you know being here in London, you get a mix of a lot of things. Right. The trends that I’ve seen from people that are stopping by and having a chat with us or no matter the industry. This is front of mind for people. We’ve talked to everybody from financial service organizations where generally the market is a little bit ahead of the curve. They are kind of cloud adopting organizations that are looking to move quickly, but all the way down to industrials and logistics companies and even public sector government entities who you know you might ordinarily think are sometimes a little, you know, a little bit behind the times. But we are seeing them, you know, coming up to that level of adoption and trying to move forward. So I’d say, you know, industry wide digital transformation is on people’s minds.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:41] So for you, what’s the most exciting part of all of this, what are you looking forward to?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:04:46] So for us, the key is to find the diamond in the rough. The company that’s really ready to drive forward quickly really needs a solution for that you know, to keep the organization secure.


DAVID SAVAGE [00:05:00] I suppose the interesting point would be what did you say? You’re 67 people?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:05:03] Between 60 and 70.


DAVID SAVAGE [00:05:05] Between 60 and 70.


JEREMY SNYDER [00:05:06] Yeah.


DAVID SAVAGE [00:05:07] So you’ve got some really big customers in the States.


JEREMY SNYDER [00:05:09] We do yeah.


DAVID SAVAGE [00:05:09] But if you look at the UK market in particular, it seems to be that organizations want to evolve rather than go through a revolution and you talked there about a diamond in the rough. So what is the ideal customer? Is there a particular sector that you’re looking at?


JEREMY SNYDER [00:05:22] No. So, I mean, look, across the board will work with any organisation that is looking to transform digitally, that is looking to be ploughed forward. Our value proposition to them is always going to be security and compliance no matter what sector they come from. That said, you know, globally speaking, the trends that we’re seeing are financial services, software and IT companies. Retailers, believe it or not, media companies, those are actually leading the charge. Healthcare and public sector are a little bit behind. So for us, you know, those four industries are probably if we have to pick where we would focus, that’s where, you know, we’ll work with anybody who’s really looking to make a leap.


NATALIE TURNER [00:05:59] Fantastic. All right. Well, we have to leave it on that note. As we’ve run out of time, but thank you so much for joining us here on Disruptive.


JEREMY SNYDER [00:06:04] Thank you so much.


NATALIE TURNER [00:06:06] So as I said, that is all from us for now. However, you can join in on the conversation on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Just follow us on Disruptive Live. But for now we will see you after a short break.