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Tetiana Pasko Avast Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Tetiana Pasko Avast Cloud Expo Europe 2020

GEMMA SMITH [00:00:11] Hello and welcome to the London Tech Show. My name’s Gemma Smith from Kaizo. I’m joined today by Tetiana Pasko, Global Partner, Marketing Manager for Avast. And we’re gonna have a chat about marketing, the events industry and the impact of that on the technology sector. Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

TETIANA PASKO [00:00:29] Thank you for having me.

GEMMA SMITH [00:00:30] So how important is it for marketing and comms to be at events like this kind of what’s your role at something like this show?

TETIANA PASKO [00:00:39] I think from marketing standpoint, large scale events like Cloud Expo have really several key benefits. One of which for me personally is obviously brand awareness. I think it’s a great opportunity to really strengthen your brand position, your company as an industry leader. And at the same time, it’s a fantastic platform to use for any product launches to share the future vision of your company and really share any exciting news that can help you elevate the brand of your company in the industry. Secondly, I think what’s important is that this is a great opportunity to network and generate new business. So from a networking standpoint, this is good opportunity for you to meet your existing customers prospects, to really talk to them, understand their needs, their requirements, really understand their pain points, and be able to therefore validate your overall brand story and really understand whether the message that you put across through all your marketing campaigns actually resonates with your audience. And this is also an opportunity for you as a marketer to partner with your sales team and help them acquire new business. Last but not least, I think this is a great opportunity for you to learn. During these conferences, you have an opportunity to hear from key industry players and leading industry analysts as well as your peers and really understand the upcoming industry trends, how they will affect your, your industry, and what are the challenges and opportunities that they bring to you.

GEMMA SMITH [00:02:05] That’s really interesting. And so why are you at Cloud Expo yourself? What’s brought you here today?

TETIANA PASKO [00:02:11] I think you saw 2019 with a very big year for Avast business. We have launched a number of new products like Secure Web Gateway, Secure Internet Gateway, which now available in our cloud care platform through a close partnership with Zscaler. These products have significantly improved our capability to deliver a comprehensive cloud based security to our partners and customers. And therefore, I see Cloud Expo as an opportunity for us to validate our overall brand story around network security, as well as really understand what are the key trends? What are the key messages and what are the needs and requirements of the SMB market today in the cloud.

GEMMA SMITH [00:02:48] So have you been here, been here for a little bit already this morning. What have you seen that you found interesting? Any particular trends that have come out?

TETIANA PASKO [00:02:57] For me particularly, I’m very interested in the Cyber Security Expo. I think there are several topics that very close to my heart on the agenda and some of the challenges that raised in the agenda are actually the challenges that we hear very often from our partners and customers. Like, for example, encrypted traffic or, you know, new technologies and what are the vulnerabilities that they bring with them as well as, for example, CISO strategies, especially for SMB market where they can’t actually afford to have a CISO in-house. But there’s definitely things and strategies that they can apply to protect themselves, protect their employees and their data.

GEMMA SMITH [00:03:33] Yeah, definitely. And I guess we’re seeing a lot of changes in how cloud in particular is communicated. And that’s something SMBs I’m sure are kind of really looking at now. And do you think there’s kind of been some big changes? What have you seen and kind of, are you seeing this particular type of reception towards it now amongst SMBs?

TETIANA PASKO [00:03:55] I think when the cloud technology was first launched, really very few companies understood the benefit of it and what it was all really about. But today we actually see a huge shift for SMB towards cloud. They put their applications to put their data in the cloud. However, unlike a lot of enterprise companies, SMBs don’t necessarily actually have the expertise or resources to ensure that they stay protected while using cloud technologies. And they see this person is our responsibility to help our partners and our SMB customers to stay protected, to really understand the threat landscape, to understand what are the key security considerations that they need to keep in mind when using cloud security and how can they educate their staff, their employees to keep themselves protected, as well as their data, customers and reputation.

GEMMA SMITH [00:04:43] So in this kind of increasingly complex landscape, that it sounds like SMBs are now in. Are you finding that there’s been a change in the last few years in how you’re communicating with that SMB audience?

TETIANA PASKO [00:04:55] Yes, absolutely. I think in the recent years as well as today, we’re tirelessly working really to understand the needs of our partners so our customers, what are their key pain points to ensure that through our marketing campaigns we can deliver value to them. And good example of that could be a campaign that we’re currently working on that is purely focussed on educational series, that creative for SMBs to really talk to them about the current threat landscape. What are the key threats that they need to be aware of? How can they work with our staff to ensure that they keep themselves their businesses safe? And I think in general, marketing today is all about how do you deliver value to your customers? How can you be seen not just as a vendor, but actually as a trusted advisor and a partner?

GEMMA SMITH [00:05:40] And are you finding that there’s like new channels that you’re having to use as part of that process now, some maybe being more effective than others.

TETIANA PASKO [00:05:49] You know, as we enter the era of digital transformation, I personally find that digital marketing becomes more and more effective. I think with digital campaigns, you can be a lot more targeted with your approach. You can run a lot of AB testings, see the results immediately and be able to continuously improve campaigns.

GEMMA SMITH [00:06:09] Yeah. No that’s really interesting. Events normally play a part in kind of marketing. Do you think? What does the future to you look like a kind of large scale events like this?

TETIANA PASKO [00:06:23] I think in general of cloud now is such a widely adopted technology by many industries and companies of both sizes. And I think that for Cloud Expo, this conference has really an opportunity to establish itself as the the event in the industry to attend. And I think every year so far, they have had a great line-up of speakers, a lot of exciting topics. So for me personally, I always find that this is a two days well-spent.

GEMMA SMITH [00:06:49] Fantastic. Well, hopefully have a great few days here. Thank you very much for joining us.

TETIANA PASKO [00:06:53] Thank you for having me.

GEMMA SMITH [00:06:55] And thank you to you at home.