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Karl Hargrave – CIO Transformation LIVE – 2019

Karl Hargrave – CIO Transformation LIVE – 2019

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:00] Hi, this is David Terrar, reporting for CIO Transformation Live. We’re here at Manchester Central and it’s pretty still pretty sunny. I’ve got Karl with me. So Karl, could you introduce yourself and your company, please?


KARL HARGRAVE [00:00:12] Hi, David. I’m Karl Hargrave. I’m from Security Foundry, based in Wrexham.


DAVID TERRAR [00:00:17] Now, it’s interesting that you’re in Wales. We haven’t got a Welsh accent. Why is that?


KARL HARGRAVE [00:00:22] Well, I have to say, I’m married to a local lady from from Liverpool and could never drag it down back south. So we we settled on Chester and many years later, we decided we had that many holidays result. We move right over the border. So we set up in Wales about six, seven years ago. Love it. Absolutely. It’s part of the culture part, the family now. We’re very much firmly part of it.


DAVID TERRAR [00:00:46] And I know your businesses around about a year old. Tell us more about what you do.


KARL HARGRAVE [00:00:50] So the business is called Security Foundry. We’re based in the heart of Wrexham, itself. And what we do is we work with trusted partners right across the UK, but with the predominant basis on our doorstep. So a lot of clients we work with on north west and North Wales and we’ve set our sort of stand out really to be the trusted cyber security partners for the businesses right across North Wales. And we do that by leveraging world-class business partners that we have relationships going back 20 years right across the UK.


DAVID TERRAR [00:01:20] So what kind of things you actually doing for those customers?


KARL HARGRAVE [00:01:23] So it varies, really. We’ve got some clients that outsource traditional manufacturing businesses that have a lot of know how, but not necessarily a lot of know why. So they tend to do is work with some very limited projects to start off with. Perhaps they’ve identified gaps in their portfolio or their estate and then they work with us to say we trust you, to basically educate us on what we need to do to do right. And then what we tend to do on the back of that is delivered an ongoing managed service to take care of that estate for them, because quite often a lot of these cyber technologies not just are emerging, but they’re difficult to administer, difficult to manage and difficult to keep people trained up to to keep the services running. So whilst we don’t actively talk about outsourcing as a strategy for a lot of our clients, they recognise that good cyber security has to have a good partner network to deliver it.


DAVID TERRAR [00:02:18] Now, I hear that you’re shortlisted for an award and the ceremonies on Thursday. Tell us about that.


KARL HARGRAVE [00:02:23] Yeah, I gotta say we’re a little bit nervous, but excited at same time.


DAVID TERRAR [00:02:27] Great to be shortlisted.


KARL HARGRAVE [00:02:28] Oh, fantastic. We’ve been working really hard to network and get our name out there across across Wales. And we’ve done it with a number of organisations, one of those is Global Welsch, which is a very simple ambition to put the Welsh sort of first and foremost right in front of the UK government, but also to get global businesses recognising the talent that we have here in Wales. I’m also working closely with the North Wales Cyber Cluster and the “Ethernet”, which is the engineering software technology network for Wales, which has about 900 members. And we’ve spent a long time, getting to know a lot of people to of basically say, look, this is what we do, this is how we can help businesses in Wales and how we can help protect their greatest assets, which is their data. And they’ve loved, they’ve loved working with us. And I dont know quite how we made the finals, but but we do and we have and we’re down Thursday night, so we’re not expecting to come out.


DAVID TERRAR [00:03:24] Good luck.


KARL HARGRAVE [00:03:25] But we can have a good night out. And that’s what matters. And it and it certainly is a testament to the hard work that we’ve done for the last 12 months together.


DAVID TERRAR [00:03:33] Last question, what have you got out of the event today so far?


KARL HARGRAVE [00:03:36] It’s been fantastic opportunity. I came down last night, actually, so I got to me a number of executives or contacts that came in. And it’s and it’s a very informal environment. So whilst you’re talking, you know, what keeps you awake at night from a cyber security perspective? It’s been a great opportunity to network and sort of speak at length really about the things that customers ordinarily wouldn’t do. So the level of intimacy at this event has been fantastic. The numbers of extended conversations of us has been brilliant. I’ve got a number of parts actually exhibiting here as well. So it’s been a good sort of ecosystem to have both sort of see COO’s CTO, CIO and that sort of that level, but in a more informal environment, which is fantastic.


DAVID TERRAR [00:04:20] Karl, thanks very much. And if you check back here at #ciotl and CIO Transformation TV, you’ll get more interviews and content like this. Thanks very much.