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CIO Transformation Live 2019 – Dan Brimble

CIO Transformation Live 2019 – Dan Brimble

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:01] Hi, this is David Terror reporting live for CIO Transformation Live at the Waterbury Hall Hotel. We are right next to Silverstone Racecourse. Although you can’t see it because it’s gone dark. It’s at the end of the conference and I’m interviewing this time Dan Brimble, the head of Trafford Associates. Dan, tell us about today. Has it gone?

DAN BRIMBLE [00:00:21] Thanks Dave, brilliant day. A long day, a very long day, but over a hundred and fifty attendees today, which is brilliant. Biggest turn out yet. Yeah. It was just a very, very, very good day for our partners and for the delegates.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:39] What do you think made this one a bit different from previous events?

DAN BRIMBLE [00:00:42] So I think that we put up more time into the content. So we we when we went about the production, slightly different this time we’ve done a studio day with the partners Disruptive in central London with those speakers. And we really got to grips with what are the real issues right now.

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:59] Did some brainstorming about what CIOs really want to hear?

DAN BRIMBLE [00:01:02] Yes, absolutely. Some great brainstorming. And then actually it opened up delegates eyes as well. It allowed them to kind of share their issues between each other and combine in that we came up with a program which I believe was really engaging I think it touched a lot of issues as well for a lot of our attendees. So I think the takeaways, which are always important, were there today.

DAVID TERRAR [00:01:26] I mean, everyone I’ve spoken to had very positive things about the content. So that’s really cool. But one of the nice things is we’re outgrowing this this hotel. We’ve been in for a few years.

DAN BRIMBLE [00:01:37] We have so yeah we’ve been here two years now, would you think that we’ve out grown it is quite surreal. I think that’s reflective of the hard work of the team at Trafford. And and kind of the way that we’ve we’ve evolved with the video and where they were content. You know, we know we’re in a place where we’re moving to Milton Keynes, MK Dons stadium. We’re looking for over 250 attendees, which, you know, ramping it up. Yeah. Must be a hugely, hugely.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:08] I know that there are other plans for next year. Tell us a bit about them.

DAN BRIMBLE [00:02:11] Yes. So next year we’re sticking with the live format. But alongside the live format, we’ve also got the exchanges. The exchanges are going to give our partners and delegates an opportunity to kind of network and learn from each other in a more intimate environment.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:26] So small scale events?

DAN BRIMBLE [00:02:27] Absolutely. Yeah, it’s a smaller scale, more niche, a small number of partners, small number of delegates, but very targeted. So sort of look at the whole scope of the industry. We’re gonna be picking up two or three key things per event. And with thought leadership from our partners.

DAVID TERRAR [00:02:43] Now, this year, you’ve done events in near London and Manchester. Where will you be going next year?

DAN BRIMBLE [00:02:49] Oh, gosh. We’re going to be going all over. Trying to get all over the UK next year. So feedback from our community of CEOs is obviously utilising their own personal network. So we’re going to go and try and get closer to them. So we’re going to, central London, where Milton Keynes were also in Manchester, were in Leeds or in Gloucestershire as well. So a good mix and a good mix geographically.

DAVID TERRAR [00:03:14] So, Dan, what’s the thing that you’re taking away from today’s event?

DAN BRIMBLE [00:03:18] I think there’s that extra layer of qualification we done pre event in building the program. Absolutely. Again, this because together before the event has enabled us to build, in my opinion, a world class program. So 100 percent, that’s what we’re taking away from today.

DAVID TERRAR [00:03:35] Dan, thanks for telling us about the CIO transformation story and how it’s evolving. Thanks very much. And if you check back here on CIO Transformation TV and hashtag CIOTL, you’ll get all of the interviews we’ve done today and at previous shows and the other content. So I look forward to seeing you again soon.