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Chris Gilmour – Axians – CIO Transformation LIVE – Manchester 2019

Chris Gilmour – Axians – CIO Transformation LIVE – Manchester 2019

DAVID TERRAR [00:00:00] Hi, this is David Terrar reporting live from CIO Transformation, Live here at the Manchester Central Event Space. I’ve got Chris with me. So Chris, can you introduce yourself and your company?


CHRIS GILMOUR [00:00:10] Sure. My name’s Chris Gilmour. I am a CTO for Axians Networks in the U.K. and we’re a network and security systems integrator. And we’re part of a larger Axians group that are pan-European kind of global effects. And I’m here to kind of see what’s going on with the event today.


DAVID TERRAR [00:00:30] Yeah. And you actually had a session talking today. Tell us what that was about.


CHRIS GILMOUR [00:00:34] Sure. I mean, the session today was about trying to understand the implications of the network as part of a transformation program and the fact that it sort of ignored at your own peril really as it underpins pretty much everything that you’re trying to achieve and all the kind of high level systems related and application related kind of innovation that you can bring has to sit on something ultimately. And that can a kind of transport and communications piece is essential.


DAVID TERRAR [00:01:04] Now networking is evolving. Tell us a bit about software defined networking and “SDN”.


[00:01:10] Sure. I mean I think “SDN and ISDN as such”, is a self-define networking is a model is coming. Well it’s here now, but basically it’s about the fact that more things can be done in software. You’re breaking apart the kind of the historical link between a hardware box and all the software being embedded in it to a separate, abstracted control layer where you can then look at controlling entire states from centralised points and then you’ve got the ability to be more agile, the features. And that’s the “SDN”, and one of the first real applicable use cases for this has been “SD-1”. So SD-1 is about building an overlay network over whatever infrastructure you have underneath it. So the appeal for many enterprises they can combine mbps and DIY and 4G and 5G arrives back and get hooked in as well. And it gives you that flexibility to in effect, architect your network around the applications. It’s a very business centric model. It’s moving away from a technical result resolution to a problem to being a business resolution to a problem.


DAVID TERRAR [00:02:17] And it’s all about supporting agility and adaptability.


CHRIS GILMOUR [00:02:19] 100%  Yes, it’s designed to try and enhance what the current businesses are doing. To try and underpin all the kind of innovation that one to their own businesses. And yeah, is to try and support as much as possible. And that kind of future proofing of the…


DAVID TERRAR [00:02:34] Excellent. Sounds great. What have you thought of the event today?


CHRIS GILMOUR [00:02:37] It’s been quite good. It is quite a smaller event. They’re not the ones I’ve been to, but the actual people here are very interesting. There was a CIO for the Fire & Rescue and..


DAVID TERRAR [00:02:46] That’s Harvey Durrant.


CHRIS GILMOUR [00:02:47] Brilliant. I mean, he obviously does a lot of speaking. He was very, very good. I’ve heard some of the analogies that he used, the kind of “down-3” applications as “pesky” treat them as cattle. I love that sort of kind of thing. It’s about, it just gets you great in the right place and it really kind of gives you really good context around things. But he was he was he was outstanding.


DAVID TERRAR [00:03:10] Well, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it, Chris. Thanks for telling us the story. And if you check back to #cioto and CIO Transformation TV, you’ll get more stories and more interviews like this. Thank you very much.