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Johan Jonzon: Hi there. Virtually every global enterprise has ongoing digitisation projects targeting the promise of Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is all about data-driven decision making and workflow automation to improve efficiency and optimise production and processes. a study during 2021, showed that the budget of the average I.T. department grows with 5 to 6% per year. Yet it is asked to deliver 30 to 40% more projects each year, resulting in I.T. failing to deliver more than 60% of all projects.

The I.T. skills gap is increasing the pressure to deliver more with less resources, setting it up for failure. The only way to address this is to empower team members outside the core I.T. Groups to do more themselves. Without the support of it, the key is to put easy-to-use and low code software in their hands.

My name is Johan Jonzon. I am the CMO and co-founder of Crosser. Crosser is the modern edge analytics and intelligent integrations platform. Our vision at Crosser is to build a connected, sensor-rich world where all data is integrated in real-time to lead to faster digital transformation, increased business value, a lower carbon footprint, and a more secure world.

The Crosser software enables real-time processing of streaming or batch data for industrial IoT data transformation analytics, machine learning data, automation and integration. The solution is built to fight complexity with simplicity, using a low code approach. The Crosser local platform is designed for collaboration use by any team member, whether or not they are data scientists or software developers to help speed up the digital transformation process and empower companies without in-house skills to begin the digital journey.

Crosser has already gained recognition from several major analysts, including Gartner, Frost and Sullivan. Four or five in research and was named Gartner Google Vendor in IoT Edge Computing 2018. Prosser has customers, partners and projects in most industrial verticals and is active in almost all continents. There is an imminent technical need for a software glue that connects all machines, systems and services and binds to data processing and data integration together. But at the same time, it has to be a time and cost efficient way to do this while complementing, not replacing existing system functionality. We’re talking about the Holy Grail for industrial I.T. Take it right now. On top of the technical need we have the organisational need to be existing to bridge the gap between O.T. and I.T. and overcome the industrial I.T. delivery gap.

The need for speed and simplicity in all phases of the industrial IoT project is imminent. The Crosser low code approach to development and design, and the hybrid first approach to implementation. Finally, provide the values that the global industries have been searching for so desperately to start delivering on the promise of industry 4.0. Imagine your core IoT theme of today. What would you consider is the average product time for an ordinary analytics or machine learning project? Well, you’re thinking two months, three months, maybe even longer. What if I could start? What if you could start thinking in days instead? Let’s give you some example from our global experience.

We have a Scandinavian machine manufacturer that planned the PEOC for three weeks together with Chrysler to connect and analyse real-time data from APAC. And then right back to the machine accordingly. They had assembled a team of three internal experts for the task. After the initial introduction from the Crosser research team, the project manager spent 4 hours designing the dataflow, then testing it with real life data before considering the policy successful. 4 hours compared to three weeks. Another enterprise customer of ours, active within the food processing industry, spent seven weeks of innovation, digital onboarding and digital learning courses for understanding the Crosser platform capabilities, and then deployed seven machine learning data flows into seven different production sites.

Within the following 12 months, the same company implemented more than 70 new intelligent data flows within their production sites, using only a team of three engineers and developers. Like I said, imagine your core item of today. Central Low Code Development, Development and control with local deployment and execution for data processing radically simplified for industrial 4.0 projects. Are these examples? Sunshine stories of the Crosser the customer base? No, they’re not looking at the statistics from 2021. We can see that the average customer is implementing between 20 to 35 intelligent data flows the first 12 months, and several enterprises are implementing more than 60 to 70 flows per 12 month. But looking into these very successful projects, we started to see a best practise pattern within these organisations.

I will mention three here. Firstly, they use a small but very dedicated product teams that consist of resources from both OT I.T and business. Beijing. Domain knowledge to speed up innovation and implementation. Secondly, they outline a roadmap of use cases. The most successful companies that we meet had created a road map of to use cases that needed to be solved during the upcoming 12 month opening for synergies in development, speed and innovation and fuel efficiency of the project group. And last but not least, they start small, but they all aim big start small start with small use cases that provide value directly, not necessarily the use cases with the largest benefits. You will come to those later. Remember that industry 4.0 and industrial loyalty has a learning curve for everyone involved. The need for an independent software to complement the brownfield a future machines, systems and services are imminent. The need for radically simplifying industrial IoT projects is also imminent, and the need for delivering values out of machine data is becoming crucial for most industries. Think of your IT project team today. What if they could deliver ten times more projects every year? How would that affect your business? Thanks for taking the time to listen to this short walk-through of the Crosser platform and offering. Thank you.