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Stephen Curling DTX 2019 Interview

Stephen Curling DTX 2019 Interview

NATALIE TURNER [00:00:14] Hi there and welcome back to day one of the Digital Transformation Expo. You’re with me Natalie Turner from Disruptive Live and my glamorous co-host, David Savage. How are you, David?


DAVID SAVAGE [00:00:24] I’m fine, thank you for that lovely introduction.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:26] I know I do try, but we are joined by a fantastic Stephen Curling, who is the Regional Director of UKI EMEA. How are you today?


STEPHEN CURLING [00:00:36] Good. Thank you. Thank you for having me on today. Appreciate it.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:38] No worries at all. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about why you’re here, what your key message is today and a bit about you and your company?


STEPHEN CURLING [00:00:46] Yeah so.


NATALIE TURNER [00:00:47] That’s fun questions there I’m sure you’ll be alright answering.


STEPHEN CURLING [00:00:48] I’m sure I can cope. I think, you know, from our point of view, as Star Leaf, we are here because we want to help raise the profile of what we do as an organization. And our message is about really focussing on customers, delivering solutions around collaboration, incorporating voice video and messaging. So we’re delighted to be here, you know, for us. obviously we’re doing a presentation at eleven o’clock, just to sort of elaborate about some of the example customs that we do and what we really do for people. So it’s part of the reason why we’re here. From a personal point of view, I’ve been in the video conferencing industry for about 20 years. So and I really, you know, work for Star Leaf because we put the customer at the centre of everything we do really so that’s what the premise of why we’re here today.


NATALIE TURNER [00:01:33] Fanstastic, so your talk that you’ve got at eleven o’clock I believe. Okay so could you talk us a little bit more through that, what you’re going to talk about. Some advice you might be giving out to the audience.


STEPHEN CURLING [00:01:45] We’re not here to talk just about who we are and what we do. We’re going to put it into some context around some example customers that we have. And it’s really about where they were, where they are now and where they want to go in the future in terms of their collaboration strategy and the part that we play in as well. So we’re going to talk about some life examples and some of the challenges that people are facing right now with collaboration, because it’s a very complex, convoluted marketplace right now. We want to help people achieve their own business goals that they’re looking to deliver. So that’s it.


DAVID SAVAGE [00:02:19] Are you the solutions that you’re providing to your customers, are they predominantly for the workplace or are they for the home as well? Because you often hear kind of people talk about e-commuting more and more. So I guess you’ve got to have a range of different products to suit different environments.


STEPHEN CURLING [00:02:30] Yes. So, you know, are all solutions are fit for enterprise. But we have a lot of customers that use the solutions when they working from home as an example, you know, as a team in the UK we have guys that are all over the shop, you know, length and breadth of the country. And we have customers that are using this kind of technology to actually benefit them. You know, I’ve worked on a project in the past. We’re doing a lot of projects with NHS right now, you know, where as an example, we’re getting virtual patient care, which is is great. So it’s just using the mediums that we provide. But it’s not about the technology. It’s about what it does. So, yeah it’s a long winded way of answering the question, but it can be used by everyone. It’s got to be easy, right?


DAVID SAVAGE [00:03:09] I guess as a sell for you though would be the fact that maybe people don’t think of their homes as being a soft target like if people are using various different platforms. It’s easy for you to say, well look, you should maybe migrate onto one secure platform rather than thinking if I’m having a conversation and I’m a CIO at home, I’ve got all these devices that are connected to the internet all the time that are probably eavesdropping on me. So get onto a platform that is secure.


STEPHEN CURLING [00:03:31] Yeah, and you know, that’s a key hot topic right now. You know, we are ISO twenty seven thousand one certified, which, you know, gives a lot of the customers that we have peace of mind and the reassurance about our solutions we think it’s really, really important. You know, if you are sharing information, meeting people on video, it’s got to be secure. It’s really, really important. You know, it’s a hot topic for most organizations right now around security. So, you know, we pride ourselves on delivering secure solutions for everyone to use.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:02] So, what does digital transformation mean to you?


STEPHEN CURLING [00:04:05] Ooo, it’s quite an expansive subject, shall we say right? It’s it’s a bit, you know, in some respects to some people it’s a bit of a buzzword. But, you know, for us, it’s really about the next generation of journey that people are going on around digital technologies and collaboration. So we obviously can play a part within that as well. There’s many different angles in which you can take that question, to be fair. But that’s our view is around the collaboration element of it.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:34] Fantastic, okay well thank you so much for joining us.


STEPHEN CURLING [00:04:35] Thank you.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:35] It’s lovely talking to you.


DAVID SAVAGE [00:04:37] Enjoy your talk at eleven.


STEPHEN CURLING [00:04:38] Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to come on.


NATALIE TURNER [00:04:40] Briliant. Ok as I said, that is all from us for now. But please don’t go away. We’ll be back after a very short break. We’ll see you in a bit.