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Manuj Surpal – Granite Shares

Manuj Surpal – Granite Shares

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:03] Thank you for being with us today. And tell me a little bit about your background.

MUNUJ SURPAL [00:00:07] Well, I I’m. I’m currently working for Granite Shares as chief technology officer. And I’ve been in this role for the last one and a half years. And before that as well, I was I was CTO for a different issue ETF insurer. So at my last 20 years, I’m in technology. I’ve seen seen the transformation the technology is going through and then and implementing different solutions for the business.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:37] Fantastic. And so what are you doing at the moment? You have any projects ongoing or anything that’s coming up?

MUNUJ SURPAL [00:00:43] Yeah, there are a lot of lot of products always there because we are we are because technology is the is the keep area where probably is making a lot of disruption in the current environment. And all the projects probably need technology to some extent. So what we are working on, we are working out my projects are focussed in three three major aspects. One is the risk, reduce the risk in the business for that. It could be operational risk. It could be other risks that are there so develop the solutions for those and once probably the priority on the risk is called second project is more like how we can add value. Technology can add value to the business, which is making sure the projects can bring in revenue to the company as well. And now technology is the key media disruptor. And if you can use the right tools, you can actually build a platform which can generate more revenue. Help help companies to generate more revenue.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:01:49] OK. So where do you see technology going in the future?

MUNUJ SURPAL [00:01:53] Technology is a he is going through a transformation, major transformation. Why I’m saying that is because there are three key elements of technology which probably are going to it. One is the storage was a problem before. And now with cloud storage is kind of not a problem. You can click and you can get as much storage probably. If you’re doing it right. So that problem has been resolved. Second comes in the speed with which would be the all. Once 5G comes into picture. So that speed probably goes in there, and third the key issue is processing with quantum computers coming in pipeline. I don’t know when it becomes mainstream yet. All three aspects will go in there. And you could see and if you can see now how much disruption is happening because of technology. Can you imagine in all three aspects when they come in? How much disruption they can cause and and is your company aligned to or ready for that transformation? That’s something you need to think about. So from my perspective, these are the there is going to be if if there was an industrial revolution and all these revolutions came in, Internet revolution came in. You see the next technology revolution and how we are going to use this data using artificial intelligence. More is coming up. How artificial intelligence is using one of these three bad ones to disrupt.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:03:32] Well, hopefully it doesn’t cause too much disruption.

MUNUJ SURPAL [00:03:35] Well, it would be for good, isn’t it? Whenever there is a disruptive role, I don’t take it real. It can go anyways. But again, we’re there again. They have to be used ethically in the right sense. I would say.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:03:50] Brilliant, well thank you for that Manuj, that was great.

MUNUJ SURPAL [00:03:51] Thank you very much. Thanks.