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Johan Pieterse – Racing Post

Johan Pieterse – Racing Post

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:03] Thank you for being with us today. I know it is your first time here. Thank you for coming down. Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing at the moment.

JOHAN PIETERSE [00:00:11] So I’m the group chief security officer, an enterprise I.T. director at the racing post group of companies, looking after environmental, social governance, compliance, security enterprise. Artie.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:23] OK, perfect. So have you been impacted by multiple transformations? Sorry, multiple transformation failures within the business?

JOHAN PIETERSE [00:00:32] Within our business. No, but that’s luckily because I have learned from other people’s mistakes.


JOHAN PIETERSE [00:00:38] Often people think moving to the cloud is as simple as lifting shift, which is not the case. Applications that’s written for data centre infrastructure does not natively lift and shift to the cloud. You have to take quite a few things into consideration. You have the more likely you rewrite this applications. You need to look at the new way of how the infrastructure will be working. Monitoring security, et cetera. And if we don’t take that into consideration, you can end up spending more money and have more pain eating than you wanted to have.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:01:09] Yeah. OK. That’s brilliant. Thank you, Johan.

JOHAN PIETERSE [00:01:12] Pleasure