Jas Bassi – Gateley

Jas Bassi – Gateley

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:03] Jas, thank you for being here today and speaking on behalf of yourself and not your company. What stifles innovation?

JAS BASSI [00:00:11] Being busy, everyone gets busy. There’s a real push on the latest, greatest technology and there isn’t time to sit back and understand where you want to be and where you want to drive that technology. There’s always an appetite to do something differently or do something new and that generally leads to you not understanding what the problem is to understand and where where you can be innovative and try to address those problems. So we ask of the box solutions out there right now. And there’s so many solutions stating that they’re innovative at looking to address particular problems, concerns, problems that people don’t necessarily understand or realise they have. Until the solution has been pitch them. And then that solution has been pitch pitched I.T. teams of I.T. teams to implement that rather than operationally users go into their I.T. functions. And I.T. teams and saying this is our problem. How do we go about addressing it?

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:01:05] Fantastic. Thank you, Jeff. I get.