Harvey Durrant – Self Disruption

Harvey Durrant – Self Disruption

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:03] Harvey, thank you for being here today. As you’ve spoken quite a lot at our previous events. So what are your plans for the session you’re going to be presenting in October going to be?

HARVEY DURRANT [00:00:13] Okay so, in October. I’m going to look at self-disruption, so that the reason two conferences I’ve gone an overarching study of disruption and very sectors. But it’s a bit more about how you can have a self disruption strategy, how you can actually embed innovation and change within your own organisation.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:28] Okay. What advice would you have for our vendor partners who were going to be hosting workshops at our events?

HARVEY DURRANT [00:00:35] Quite simple, really. You’ve got maybe 15, 20 minutes on stage. Don’t try and flog me stuff. Okay, I’m not interested. I know what you’re products do. I know. You know, this is part of my job to understand what the market provides. What I’m looking for is case studies. Where have you successfully deployed? And if if they’re really feeling confident about their product. Where have things gone wrong and how they learn from them? That added value of their solution and what it can bring to me is what I’m interested in, not what their product can do. Give me a sheet of paper now. Tell me that.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:01:05] Okay, last question. How would you like to be sold to?

HARVEY DURRANT [00:01:11] I think very similar to that. Don’t pigeonhole me. Please don’t harass me on LinkedIn for five minutes after I leave the conference. But I think actually come to me and explain how they can solve a problem for me, not how whiz bang their latest bit of tech is because I know what the tech can do. So it’s business applications and I say if you really have a good sales team, come up to me. Tell me this went wrong. We’ve learned from it. This is what our product does now. And this is the problem space we’re now pitching at and how we can deliver value to you. Not all. Look how shiny it is.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:01:40] Okay brilliant. Thank you, Harvey.

HARVEY DURRANT [00:01:42] My pleasure.