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Harvey Durrant – Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue

Harvey Durrant – Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:00:02] Thank you for being here with us today, Harvey, can in the house development, deliver a quality products when compared with the market. I think it can help.

HARVEY DURRANT [00:00:15] I think it can, I think it’s how you develop your products. I think you need an approach that may be very boring for most people, but effectively looking at, you know, you design around the needs of the user, but actually you get them involved in the design process. So the kind of classic agile. We’ve Locally developed 26 applications in the last three years. And last week we won an International Learning Technology Award gold for one of our products. Now we were up against I won’t mention them but we had two the largest banks in the country, a number of the blue chips, who in terms of resource capability, etc. far bigger than we are where it’s fire and rescue service. But the application we developed not only has been recognised as a quality product, but actually more importantly to me, the end users regard it as one of the best things we’ve done for them. It makes their life easier. So I think it can. If you take the right approach.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:01:03] Fantastic. And why is data so important?

HARVEY DURRANT [00:01:06] Data’s fundamentally, you know, you really think we’re in a digital economy. Data is the new oil. I think the reality the situation is that in any I.T system, you’re going to have three things. You’re going to have the user experience, how people interact with it. You’re going to have the processes that are orchestrated via it and you’re gonna have the data. And for most of last 30 years, I’ve been in the industry. Our focus has been on process, process, process, digitising those processes, removing paper, etc. And actually that’s the least important part. If the user experience is wrong, then you’ve got nightmares because people won’t use it or they won’t use it effectively. The process is also the bit that is likely to change the most as you reconfigure the business, whatever, etc. So the two fundamentals are a really useful user experience that drives adoption that people want to use, that benefits them, makes their lives easier. And then the data that underpins it and that’s what we’re trying to get to. You know, all the big no analytics is the big thing nowadays. Now we’re doing some predictive analytics. We’re doing some machine learning locally targeting our resources to better protect the citizens of Devon and Somerset. If I’ve got data, I’ve got a crap service I can deliver. So getting that data right. Working with it, being at a predictive format that is easy to analyse, draw references from inferences. That’s fundamental to what we’re doing. The process bit I’m not really bothered about.

DOMINIQUE HUXTABLE [00:02:24] Fantastic. Thank you so much, Harvey.

HARVEY DURRANT [00:02:26] My pleasure.