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Keith Errey – Isansys – Elevator Pitch

Keith Errey – Isansys – Elevator Pitch

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:11] Welcome to the Disruptive Live Elevator pitch.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:20] Keith, welcome. As we make our way up to the boardroom,
please tell us everything we need to know about Isansys LifeCare.

KEITH ERREY [00:00:29] So Isansys LifeCare, what we are doing is looking at what has
happened in other industries. But in health care. So when you want to transform every
other industry. The key to that has been automation, in healthcare automation has only
been about backend stuff. What we are doing, we’re automating the really basic process,
which is what is happening to me or you. What is happening to the patient at any one
time? So we can give this information to the care teams. But better than that, because we
have such good information, we can tell them what’s happening to the patients in the
future. And this means that you can start to change the way you organise care in the ward.
You can take patients out of the hospital and everything can change. And this is a really
significant thing, automating the patient, digitising the patient and changing the way it all

NAYOKA OWARE [00:01:23] Amazing. Well, here we are. Keith, I wish you all the best in

KEITH ERREY [00:01:27] Thank you.