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Francesco Dorazio – Pulsar – Elevator Pitch

Francesco Dorazio – Pulsar – Elevator Pitch

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:12] Welcome to the Disruptive Live elevator pitch.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:21] Francesco, welcome.

FRANCESCO DORAZIO [00:00:22] Hey, how are you?

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:23] I’m well, thank you. So as we make our way up to the border
and please tell us everything we need to know about Pulsar.

FRANCESCO DORAZIO [00:00:29] So Pulsar is the fastest way to understand what the
world thinks globally in real time and in about a hundred and eighty languages. Pulsar is an audience intelligence platform that uses AI to analyse data from the public web. So we look at social networks. We look at review sites, blogs, forums, news data. We also look at Web analytics and search data. And we compile all this information for brands and organisations to understand who their audiences are, what matters to them and how they should be talking to them. So is currently being used in a very wide range of ways and can be used to develop the next smartphone. It can be used to launch the next movie, can be used to understand how this information is spreading around vaccines online, where it can be used to understand what is the next cultural trend that is popping off. And for example, why is meditation making a comeback? We are based in London and Los Angeles and we work with a range of brands in media, entertainment, consumer goods, education, finance, as well as creative agencies and not for profit organisations.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:01:39] Thank you. I wish you all the best in the boardroom.

FRANCESCO DORAZIO [00:01:42] Thank you.