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David Lofts – Ethical ICO – Elevator Pitch

David Lofts – Ethical ICO – Elevator Pitch

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:11] Welcome to the Disruptive Live Elevator Pitch.

NAYOKA OWARE [00:00:20] David, hi. As we make our way up to the boardroom, please tell us everything we need to know about Women Of Opinion.

DAVID LOFTS [00:00:26] Imagine that every time you click on a social media post to share it, you generate funds that would help an underprivileged child somewhere in the world. You don’t actually have to imagine because this is already happening. Women of Opinion is a social media platform is two years old. It currently connects almost a million women together to share brand experiences for brands like L’Oreal. And each time they do so, they help to fund developmental programs for children. So far, these women have managed to generate 420,000 school days for underprivileged girls in India, 6,000 hours of specialist education for autistic children in Russia, 40,000 school meals in the Philippines, and 4,000 or so books for schools in Indonesia. The current plan is to expand to an additional 10 markets in the next five years. The cost for doing so is five million pounds sterling in terms of an investment and with 20 million woopers all playing the game. We’re very, very confident that we can do a whole lot more for underprivileged kids around the world. We’re making marketing a force for good. If you want to know more, just Google me. David Lofts or go and have a look at

NAYOKA OWARE [00:01:45] Thank you, David, while we’re here at the boardroom. I wish you all the best.

DAVID LOFTS [00:01:49] Thank you very much.