Interview – Mariela Tanchez – Bitfoliex

Interview – Mariela Tanchez – Bitfoliex

ANDREW MCLEAN [00:00:00] So we come to the last one on one interview as I struggle on my chair. We have Marella Tanchez from, I believe gonna talk to us about security in blockchain, which is interesting. How’s it going?

MARIELA TANCHEZ [00:00:18] Hi. Thank you. I’m doing very well. How about you?

ANDREW MCLEAN [00:00:22] Yes. Not too bad. Not too bad. Do you want to tell us a little “Bitfully Ex” and what you do there?

MARIELA TANCHEZ [00:00:28] Yes. Or so “Bitfully Ex” is an up and coming virtual wallet. We have a lot of projects coming up, like a change and having pretty much what you have with your regular bank, but to integrate crypto into that world. And so definitely right now with blockchain we’re considering safety is one of the top issues in cybersecurity, because one of the things that people really actually love about us, even though our product is still development and we’re in the early phase of it, we have over one point 1.3 million users worldwide. And this is because they trust us, as far as safety goes. So the problem with watching is that people don’t trust it because they feel like safety is a big issue. And that is why we really do take that into account. And we provide a tool for people to be able to get the crypto safety without having them being responsible for it. So we kind of take that responsibility for them. But obviously, this comes with a lot of taking care on our side that we make sure we’re doing all the things right. And also teaching our clients how to be safe on the probably the vulnerable parts that they could have, too. So they can begin to trust all this crypto world and actually feel like they have their money safe, because at the end of the day, it’s it’s money that you can transact with and everything. So safety is really our one of our top priorities.

ANDREW MCLEAN [00:01:51] Yeah. And why particularly when we talk about blockchain in general, why is security so important to blockchain?

MARIELA TANCHEZ [00:02:00] Well, obviously it’s you’re doing everything online and in space. It online gives you more remote vulnerability as nomics. Somebody can just keep their money and their démarches and that’s going to safe for them. If you don’t know what you’re doing when you’re on line, if you don’t keep your right safety procedures, it’s easy for people to take away your money, to take away your your things. And blockchain provides a more secure way in the sense that their transactions and most blockchains are immutable. So once they’re done, they’re done. And also, you don’t have to share personal information. So I could be transacting with you in China and I had to give you my name, my credit card number, and I have to be anything. All I have to do is give you my publicly, which is pretty safe. However, when storing your crypto, that brings another subject. Another issue of being safe, because you can store it in different ways to be stored in our paper wallet, which is pretty much you print it out and then every time you want to use it, you use your private key. There’s a desktop wallet where you pretty much just keep it in your desktop. And there’s online wallets like “Bitfully Ex” where you can keep them online. Now, what’s the issue here as a user? As an end user? If you’re not taking care of your cyber security up, your security up text, they’ll for example. When I mentioned before, making sure you have your firewalls, your antivirus, all that, all those endpoints, hackers could really get into your wallets. And whether it’s your desktop wallet, whether it’s your online wallet or, well, I guess paper, it’s out of the top. But definitely you need to be careful about how do you keep your systems up to date and keep everything up to date to make sure that they don’t steal your funds. And also, we have the same issue as us being providers of this custodial for your asset. So we definitely have to take care from our side to make sure all of our people, all of our collaborators are making sure they are taking their safety procedures, whether it’s in the computer, whether it’s transacting, whether it’s sharing information, and it’s all done digitally. So you really need to be careful about what kind of information sharing, how you’re sharing, even when accessing our wallet. People need to make sure they’re accessing on our side because there’s a lot of phishing scams. Right. And so people if they don’t notice where they’re going in, how they’re going in, if they have their computer infected, they might be able to lose our little funds because of that. So our mission is to really provide a tool that brings some safety, but also educate all of our clients to make sure that on their side they’re doing the right thing to keep all their funds safe.

ANDREW MCLEAN [00:04:38] Well. Fantastic. Okay. Well Mariella,  unfortunately, I have actually run out of time for the day. But you’ve been an absolute star. Thank you for joining us.

MARIELA TANCHEZ [00:04:49] Thank you very much for having me.


ANDREW MCLEAN [00:04:52] So that is it from the from the one on one interviews today.